Ethiopia national cricket team

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Flag of Ethiopia
Flag of Ethiopia
ICC membership granted N/A
ICC member status Non-entities
ICC development region Africa
World Cricket League division N/A
Captain N/A
Coach Unknown
First recorded match Unknown
As of 22 November 2012

The Ethiopian national cricket team is a fledgling cricket team that represents the nation of Ethiopia in international cricket. It is not a member of the International Cricket Council and therefore not eligible to participate in ICC Official Events.


The game is almost non-existent in Ethiopia at present, and only played by the minor Rastafarian community in Shashamane and Zion in southern Ethiopia. The game was first introduced in the country in the 1960s, when in response to Emperor Haile Selassie's invitation, the first wave of Caribbean-Rastafarian immigrants from many parts of the world, including the Caribbean and Britain, came to Ethiopia. Some still play the game which link to their Caribbean past, however with interest declining even within the community, and the massive problems faced by the community, including possibly being expelled from Ethiopia, is thus making the game further die out. As of now, with so many problems facing Ethiopian cricket, the future looks bleak. The team recently played two matches against the British Embassy, losing the first match by 35 runs.[1]


  • Teddy Dan – captain of the Rastafarian cricket team

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