Ethylene-responsive element binding protein

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Ethylene-responsive element binding protein
NMR structure of the GCC-BOX binding domain of EREBP (green) complexed with DNA (brown) based on the PDB 1GCC coordinates.
Symbol EREBP
Entrez 827464
UniProt O80337
AP2 domain
PDB 3gcc EBI.jpg
Structure of the GCC-box binding domain.[1]
Symbol AP2
Pfam PF00847
Pfam clan CL0081
InterPro IPR001471
SCOP 3gcc

Ethylene-responsive element binding protein (EREBP) is a homeobox gene from Arabidopsis thaliana and other plants which encodes a transcription factor.[2] EREBP is responsible in part for mediating the response in plants to the plant hormone ethylene.[3][4]


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