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Aerial view of Etiler

Etiler is a neighbourhood on the European side of Istanbul, Turkey, located in the district of Beşiktaş, close to the business quarters of Levent and Maslak.

Etiler is famous for its upmarket cafés, pubs, night clubs, restaurants, gyms, coiffeurs, fashion shops and shopping malls, such as Zorlu Center and Akmerkez. It is a favourite area among Istanbul's elite. The quarter also has many villas and private residences.

The name Etiler Samdan is an older name in Turkish for the Hittites, as it was fashionable in the early years of the Turkish Republic to give the names of ancient Anatolian civilizations to the new districts of Istanbul. A similar example is the neighbouring quarter of Akatlar, which means Akkads, another ancient civilization from the history of Anatolia.


Akmerkez is one of the best known shopping centres in Istanbul. It has all the major fashion brands, cafes and restaurants. Mayadrom is a smaller, more boutique shopping centre. Nispetiye Road is considered as the core centre of Etiler, with cafes, restaurants and designer shops.[1]


The Istanbul Japanese School is located in Etiler.[2] Also The British International School Istanbul Etiler Campus is located in Etiler


There are buses from Kabatas, Taksim and Sisli to Etiler.[3]



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