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Not to be confused with Eton language (Vanuatu).
Region Cameroon
Native speakers
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Language codes
ISO 639-3 eto
Glottolog eton1253[2]

Eton, or Ìtón, is a Bantu language spoken by the Eton people of Cameroon. The exact number of Eton speakers is unknown, although Ethnologue cites 52,000 speakers based on a 1982 estimate by SIL. Bernard Delpech cites 250,000 inhabitants of the Eton area in 1985. The latest estimate seems to be much closer to reality [3]

It is mutually intelligible with Ewondo, a fact which may have delayed its study for some time.

Eton speakers inhabit the Lekié department of the Centre Region of Cameroon, an area north of the capital Yaoundé bounded in the north by the Sanaga River.

Ethnologue cites four dialects of Eton, but its speakers generally distinguish two, a northern and a southern dialect, the latter of which is closer to the Ewondo language.


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