Etta James Sings Funk

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Etta James Sings Funk
Studio album by Etta James
Released 1970
Recorded Chicago, Illinois
Genre Blues, R&B, Soul
Label Cadet
Producer Gene Barge, Ralph Bass
Etta James chronology
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Etta James Sings Funk
Losers Weepers
Singles from Etta James Sings Funk
  1. "Tighten Up Your Own Thing"
    Released: 1969
  2. "Sound of Love"
    Released: 1970

Etta James Sings Funk is the ninth studio album by American Blues artist, Etta James. The album was released on Cadet Records in 1970.

The album was James's fourth release on the Cadet record label and was produced in Chicago, Illinois. The album includes a mix of Soul, Rhythm and Blues, and regular Blues. The album spawned two singles: "Tighten Up Your Own Thing" and "Sound of Love." While both singles were released to radio, neither of them charted the Rhythm and Blues or the Billboard Hot 100 charts in 1970. The album was released as 12-inch LP record and has not been reissued on compact disc in its entirety although five tracks were included as additional cuts on the reissue by Kent of Etta James' Losers Weepers' album in 2011.[1]

Track listing[edit]

No. Title Length
1. "Tighten Up Your Own Thing"   2:40
2. "Sweet Memories"   3:35
3. "Quick Reaction and Satisfaction"   2:35
4. "Nothing from Nothing Leaves Nothing"   3:30
5. "My Man Is Together"   4:10
6. "Are My Thoughts with You"   3:30
7. "The Man I Love"   3:50
8. "The Sound of Love"   2:50
9. "When I Stop Dreaming"   2:35
10. "What Fools We Mortals Be"   3:05
11. "Your Replacement"   3:07


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