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This is a Chinese name; the family name is Eu.

Eu Chooi Yip (余柱业) was born in Kuantan, Malaysia. He came to Singapore with his sister to study. He attended Victoria School while his sister went to Nanyang Girls' High School. Eu was a brilliant student and was one of the top graduates at Raffles College.

He was a close friend of Goh Keng Swee, a former Singapore Deputy Prime Minister, whom he knew during his Raffles College days.

He joined the Communist Party of Malaya, and became its leader in Singapore. He took direct orders from Chin Peng, the secretary-general of MCP, and was the superior of Fang Chuang Pi, nicknamed the Plen.

He was with the underground Malayan Democratic Union and evaded British arrest. Another of his close friend, S Rajaratnam, was his housemate at Chancery Lane. Rajaratnam, who also became a Deputy Prime Minister of Singapore, helped Chooi Yip to get medical treatment for his tuberculosis and gave him shelter while he was hiding from the British.

Eu stayed in China for many years. He later sought help from Goh Keng Swee to return to Singapore. He died in Singapore in 1995.

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