Eua, Argolis

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Eua or Eva (Greek: Εύα) is an archaeological location in the regional unit of Argolis in the Peloponnese, Greece. It is mentioned as a village by Pausanias[1] and its name is also attested by archaeological findings. It is located in the valley of the river Tanos (ancient Tanaos), below the north-eastern slopes of the Parnon mountain range, between the modern towns of Astros and Kato Doliana. It is close to the site of the Byzantine Monastery of Loukou.

Pausanias says that in Eua there was a hieron (sanctuary) of the physician Polemocrates. Excavations that started in the area in 1980 revealed the ruins of the villa of Herodes Atticus (2nd cenctury AD). Spectacular findings came to light, among them mosaics, inscriptions, statues and other works of art.[2] In Pausanias there is no account of this magnificent villa, possibly because he had not visited the area. The ancient sanctuary of Polemocrates has not been located, but it is believed that it was in the place today occupied by the nearby monastery.


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Coordinates: 37°24′57″N 22°41′07″E / 37.4159°N 22.6853°E / 37.4159; 22.6853