Eugein II of Alt Clut

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Eugein II may have been ruler of Alt Clut, the Brythonic kingdom later known as Strathclyde, for some time in the late-8th century.[1] He is known only from the Harleian genealogies, which indicate that he was the son of King Dumnagual III of Alt Clut;[2] there is no direct evidence that he ruled as king himself. Dumnagual is presumed to be the monarch who submitted to the joint army of Kings Óengus I of the Picts and Eadberht of Northumbria in 756; after this event, Alt Clut seems to have remained under foreign power and the royal line is known exclusively through the Harlein genealogies for more than a century.[3] If Eugein was king, he may have been in power during the "burning of Ail Cluaithe" recorded in the Annals of Ulster as having occurred in 780.[4] According to Harleian, he was the father of Riderch II.[2]


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Regnal titles
Preceded by
Dumnagual III?
King of Alt Clut
fl. late 700s
Succeeded by
Riderch II?