Eugen Wratislaw von Mitrowitz

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Eugen Graf Wratislaw, Lithography by Joseph Kriehuber


Eugen Count Wratislaw von Mittrowitz-Nettolitzky (* 8. July, 1786, in Wischopol (Czech: Dolní Bousov), Bohemia; † 14. February, 1867, in Vienna) was an Austrian Fieldmarshal.

He joined the army in 1804 and fought in the 1805-09 and 1813-16 campaigns. He became a Colonel in 1820, a Major General in 1830 and Fieldmarshal-Lieutenant and member of the Hofkriegsrat in 1835.
In 1848 he commanded the first Armeekorps in Italy, and became Cavalry-General in 1849 and Fieldmarshal in 1854. He was Chancellor of the Military Order of Maria Theresa in 1855.