Eugene "Sdwig" Zvidionny

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Eugene "Sdwig" Zvidionny. 2009

Eugene "Sdwig" Zvidionny (born December 11, 1968 in Vladivostok, Russia) is a Russian musician playing the bass guitar in the band Mumiy Troll.[1]

He studied at Middle School Number 1. It was during this time he started playing bass and keyboards. He played in the band, «Azbuka» (Alphabet).

After finishing school, he studied at the Polytechnic Institute. He worked as a computer arts graphic designer.

In 1985, Sdwig joined Vladivostok rock groups, «Tretya Strazha» (Third Guards) and «Tumanny Ston» (Misty Moan). He recorded albums with these and other groups in the «Tai-Chu» and «Dekade» studios. In 1990, he took part in the tape recording of the second "Mumi Troll" album, «Delai U-U» (Do the U-U).

In the fall of 1996, he received an offer to join Mumiy Troll. He has played with MT since the first concert in Vladivostok, in the summer of 1997.


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