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Dr. Eugene Lipov

Eugene Lipov (born 1958) is an anesthesiologist specializing in pain management. Lipov is a leader in pain management, pain theorist, anesthesiologist and an author. He has made frequent appearances on ABC, NBC, WGN and other networks.

Family and education[edit]

Lipov was born in Tcheracy, Ukraine. His father was Gregory Lipov MD who was a cardiovascular surgeon in USSR. Gregory Lipov MD and Mary Lipov MD arrived in Chicago in 1973. Dr Lipov's parents were the first group of physicians to take care of the Russian émigrés in the 1970s to the 1980s until Mary Lipov’s death in 1984. Dr Eugene Lipov is married and has one child, who is the co-author with his father for the book titled “The Adventures of Captain Heart”, which explains how 3 to 7 year-olds can maintain a healthy heart. He has an older brother, Sergei Lipov MD, also a physician, who helped him develop new approaches for medical issues such as hot flashes in menopause, post traumatic stress syndrome, and more.

Eugene Lipov was educated at Francis Parker School in Chicago. In 1980 he received his undergraduate degree in biochemistry from Northwestern University. In 1984 he obtained a MD degree from Northwestern University. Following graduation from medical school he trained at Cook County Hospital/University of Illinois surgical residency. His work was discussed in Washington Monthly.

Following this, Dr. Lipov spent 2 years in anesthesiology residency at the University of Illinois and finished his training at Rush St Luke’s hospital with advanced training in pain management. Following completion of his training, he stayed at Rush St Luke as an assistant professor in pain management. He finally opened his private practice in Hoffman Estates.


Lipov is a medical director of Advanced Pain Centers in Hoffman Estates, IL. His research and interests include the development of new approaches for pain conditions, as well as applying old approaches for new indications. He has developed a new stimulator approach called the Hybrid Stimulator for back and leg pain, which was presented in Canada and Italy in 2008. Lipov was the first to report a successful use of stellate ganglion block for hot flashes (SEE: Hot Flashes Cure and PTSD post traumatic stress syndrome (SEE:Stop PTSD Now).

He has authored multiple original publications, book chapters and abstracts. He has authored 2 theoretical papers explaining the mechanisms of the effects observed. This is arguably the next advance in theoretical understanding of pain modulation. Previous breakthrough theory was The Gate Control theory of pain, put forward by Ronald Melzack (a Canadian psychologist) and Patrick David Wall (a British physician) in 1962, and again in 1965. This is the idea that the perception of physical pain is not a direct result of activation of nociceptors, but instead is modulated by interaction between different neurons, both pain-transmitting and non-pain-transmitting. The theory asserts that activation of nerves that do not transmit pain signals can interfere with signals from pain fibers and inhibit an individual's perception of pain.

Dr. Lipov's unified theory successfully explains the prolonged effects of local anesthetic placed on the stellate ganglion resolving CRPS complex regional pain syndrome as well as predicts the positive effect of the stellate ganglion blockade {SGB} on the estrogen depletion hot flashes, PTSD {post traumatic stress disorders} and other conditions. Dr. Lipov believes that the unifying explanation is the change in nerve growth factor (NGF) eventually leading to an increase in brain norepinephrine (NR) and finally leading to pathological states, with the SGB reducing the concentration of both NGF and NR and deactivating intracerebral pathological states. Nerve growth factor (NGF) is the best characterized member of the neurotrophin family, which is involved in a variety of signaling events such as cell differentiation and survival, growth cessation, and apotheosis of neurons.

Lipov is the Founder and Chairman of Chicago Medical Innovations a non-profit organization developing and researching further understanding of various pain mechanisms and new applications for treatments of hot flashes and PTSD. Some of the newer direction is the memory institute where he and his team is looking to reduce or reverse memory loss associated with age.

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