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Eugénie Laetitia Bonaparte (6 September 1872 – 1949) was the youngest daughter of Prince Napoléon Bonaparte of Canino and Christine Ruspoli.

Eugénie Laetitia Barbe Caroline Lucienne Marie Jeanne Bonaparte ("Eugenia Letitia Barbara Caroline Lucy Mary Joan Bonaparte") was born in Grotta Ferrata, Italy.[1] Her paternal grandparents were Prince Charles Lucien Bonaparte, nephew of Emperor Napoleon I, and Princess Zénaïde Bonaparte, niece of Napoleon and daughter of Joseph I of Spain. She had two older sisters: Zénaïde Eugénie, who died aged two in 1862, ten years before Eugénie was born; and Marie Léonie, who was two years older, born 10 December 1870.

On 16 November 1898 in Rome she married Napoléon Ney (1870-1928), Prince de la Moskowa, but the marriage ended in divorce in 1903.