Eugenio De Signoribus

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Eugenio De Signoribus

Eugenio De Signoribus (1947) is an Italian poet. He was born and lives in Cupra Marittima in the province of Ascoli Piceno, Italy.[1] He was winner in 2002 of the Castelfiorentino Literature Prize and in 2008 of the Viareggio Prize.

Swedish Academician Kjell Espmark has described him as "a more severe and rigorous voice than those to which we are accustomed. His powerfully visionary poetry frees itself from every casual or superfluous element to give emphasis to the primary conditions of existence."[2]

He is a co-editor of Istmi literary journal.[3]


  • Case perdute, 1976–1985 (il lavoro editoriale,1989).
  • Istmi e chiuse, 1989–1995 (Marsilio, 1996)
  • Principio del giorno, 1990–1999 (Garzanti, 2000)
  • Altre educazioni, 1980–1999 (Crocetti, 2001)
  • Memoria del chiuso mondo (Quodlibet, 2002)
  • Ronda dei conversi (Garzanti, 2005)
  • Poesie (1976–2007) (Garzanti, 2008)
  • Trinità dell'esodo, 2005–2010 (Garzanti, 2008)
  • Nessun luogo è elementare (Alberto Tallone Editore, 2010)

Poems by De Signoribus have appeared in English translation in Lines Review[4] (trans. Christopher Whyte), New Italian Poetry: an anthology[5] (trans. Emanuel di Pasquale) and The FSG Book of Twentieth Century Italian Poetry (trans. Christopher Whyte and V. Joshua Adams).[6] They have also been translated into French[7] and Swedish.[8]


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