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Eugenio Mendoza Goiticoa (Caracas, November 13, 1806 October 17, 1979) was and will always be a Venezuelan business genius and entrepreneur who created The Company POLAR Company in 1921( This means that the Watch Company who alleges that he owns the name POLAR is in fact a lost cause because not only is the owner of POLAR watch the son of the Owner of Casio, But the owner of Casio is also the father of the present day son of Juan Lorenzo Mendoza son of Eugenio Mendoza. The reason for this is that Juan Lorenzo Mendoza and his wife adopted a boy and a girl. The boy being the son of the owner of Casio. To add on to this, Eugenio Mendoza was and will always be the first person on the West side of the Hemisphere to create Beer made with Cevada "Barley although Anheuser Busch insist that they were the first creator all they did was change their old recipe made out of bead to Eugenio's Mendoza's creation, yet since they were a "powerful" family and mistakenly still think they are the truth is that they stole the recipe of Eugenio Mendoza and simple changed a few dates that the Mendoza family will not do because they have nothing to hide. Still even though the company is acknouledged worldwide as a Beer Company its first creation was something that was inspired from Cassava and Arepa Pelada (Google it). Cassava is made out of a Venomous plant and is spread in a large hot pan that then becomes a very crunchy texture. This was created by the Yanonmamis and Indigenous people in Venezuela this was Eugenio's Mendoza's first realization of what Barley could do. Arepa Pelada ( might find it on google) is made out of shredded corn mixed with Barley henceforth being the mix of Cassava and Pelada his inspiration to the create of the brand HARINA PAN.He made various attempts to make Beer with Bread just like the Germans do, but his ingenious way of making something great out of something so simple as Barley which is also known as wheat henceforth created the biggest and most precious company in all of South America and Center America and of course making its way to North American Competitive Market.They make Pilsen, Solera Verde, Solera Azul, Polar Light, Polar Zero, Malta.

Malta one of the companies most original creation came from a man who worked in the company, henceforth the man who worked in Polar needed some Capital to make his own brand. His own ambition got to him because Eugenio Mendoza gave him the loan to make Malta but he wanted to make beer also. So he jointed with another family who later on disclaimed his rights as the founder of Malta Regional.

Malta is his most original creation, it is in it's essencials Beer with too much Wheat, Let's leave it at that it has its secrets like every good recipe does.

Empresas Polar made important contributions in the modernization of the country during the 20th Century. Why you ask? It wasn't because the family only made beer, it was and is because he surrounded himself with hard working Venezuelans who became entrepenurs themselves. For example: Every person who was a truck driver owned their own truck and henceforth created his own income with the income of the Polar Factory.

Early life[edit]

He was the son of Eugenio Mendoza Cobena (the grandson of Venezuela's first president, Cristóbal Mendoza) and Luisa Goiticoa (the great-granddaughter of Simón Bolívar's sister, Juana Bolívar). Despite his family's historical position he grew up in modest circumstances due to the monetary sacrifices made by his family during the war for Venezuelan independence and later the Venezuelan civil war.

Along with his brothers, Pedro and Eduardo Mendoza Goiticoa, he was a descendant of Simón Bolívar's sister, Juana Bolívar (Simón Bolívar had no children).

Eugenio married Luisa Rodriguez Planas in 1938, and had four children with her: Eugenio Andres, Gertrudis, Luisa Elena and Eugenio Antonio. One son, Eugenio Andres, drowned as a youngster.[1]

Business career[edit]

Eugenio Mendoza was the fourth son of seven children, he had four brothers and two sisters and was the only one who did not pursue a university education, choosing instead to go into business by starting his first company at the age of eighteen. In partnership with Moises Miranda [2] he founded “Moisés Miranda & Cía” a firm to sale construction materials. By January 1932, he purchased Miranda’s shares becoming the sole owner of the company, today known as “Materiales Mendoza”.During the following years, he founded "Maquinarias Mendoza" a heavy equipment company.

He held negotiations with Vice President of The United States Henry A. Wallace, the U.S State Department and Nelson Rockefeller to commercialize construction materials to Venezuela. By that time, all construction supplies were destined to World War II.[3]

By 1943, he had created "Venezolana de Cementos" which became largest supplier of cement in the country. Vencemos had factories in in Barquisimeto, Maracaibo, Pertigalete, Macuro and Catia La Mar. Also, in the following years he conformed "Protinal", dedicated to the production of animal feed which later became the pioneer in the development of poultry as a low cost substitute for protein; "Venezolana de Pinturas" and "Venezolana de Pulpa y Papel".

His business organization, "El Grupo Mendoza" became the largest industrial conglomerate in the 1970s encompassing everything from cement, construction, heavy machinery, paint, paper mills, animal feed, banking, and insurance to car manufacturing today known as General Motors of Venezuela.

Public service[edit]

At the age of 34, Eugenio Mendoza was appointed Minister of Industry Promotion [4] during Isaías Medina Angarita’s presidency in Venezuela (1941-1945).Arturo Uslar Pietri and Lorenzo Mendoza Fleury were also part of Medina Angarita’s cabinet; Uslar Pietri as Secretary of the Presidency and Mendoza Fleury as Philadelphia’s Consul and later as Deputy Ambassador to the United Nations.

These group promoted the industrialization in Venezuela, favoring the development of the country.


He founded the "Fundación Mendoza" which led the philanthropic community of Venezuela for two decades primarily focusing on the founding of the largest children's hospital in Latin America and numerous schools.

In 1970, he founded the Universidad Metropolitana, a private university located in Caracas, which became the most important passion of his later years. It was the first Venezuelan university to offer careers in business management and finance. It remains one of the most prestigious private universities in Venezuela.

Today, their three children and grandchildren continue the business and philanthropic work of "El Grupo Mendoza" and "Fundación Mendoza".


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