Eulogy Recordings

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Founded 1997[1]
Founder John Wylie, Ian Rowan
Distributor(s) RED Distribution (USA)
Genre Hardcore punk, heavy metal, metalcore
Country of origin USA
Location Fort Lauderdale, Florida
Official website [1]

Eulogy Recordings is a record label based in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. The label specializes in heavy metal or hardcore punk bands, some of which are straight edge.

The label was founded in 1997 by hardcore guitarist John Wylie.[2] In 1999 Ian Rowan became partners in Eulogy Recordings and later Hand Of Hope Records.

Eulogy has had exclusive distribution deals with both Good Life Recordings and Alveran Records for European distribution and is currently distributed Internationally via Rev Distribution.

Active roster[edit]

This list includes bands which are currently active on Eulogy.

Past roster[edit]

This list includes bands which are no longer active on Eulogy.

Related labels[edit]

Eulogy's sister label is Hand of Hope. They have signed All In and Every New Day.

The record label Goodbye Blue Skies has released albums for bands signed to Eulogy.


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