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Eumelus was the name of:

  • Eumelus of Corinth, an epic poet of the second half of the 8th century BC
  • Several men in Greek mythology:
    • Eumelus, who succeeded Admetus as the King of Pherae. He led Pherae and Iolcus in the Trojan War on the side of the Greeks. He was the husband of Iphthime and the son of Admetus and Alcestis. He was one of the "suitors of Helen" and was fifth and last in the chariot races at Patroclus's funeral. He was also one of the Greeks in the Trojan Horse.
    • Eumelus, companion of Triptolemus. He had a son Antheias who tried to ride the chariot of Triptolemus but fell off and died.
    • Eumelus, son of Eugnotus and father of Botres
    • Eumelus, one of the suitors of Penelope
    • Eumelus, son of Merops and father of Byssa, Meropis and Agron. The family offended Hermes and were transformed into birds.
    • Eumelus, a companion of Aeneas
  • Eumelus (Gadeirus), a figure in Plato's myth of Atlantis