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Korean transcription(s)
 • Hangul
 • Hanja
 • Revised Romanization Eumseong-gun
 • McCune-Reischauer Ŭmsŏng-gun
Location in South Korea
Location in South Korea
Country  South Korea
Region Hoseo
Administrative divisions 2 eup, 7 myeon
 • Total 521.05 km2 (201.18 sq mi)
Population (05/2012)
 • Total 97,211
 • Density 69/km2 (180/sq mi)
 • Dialect Chungcheong

Eumseong County (Eumseong-gun) is a county in North Chungcheong Province, South Korea, best known for being the birthplace of UN Secretary-General, Ban Ki-moon.


Eumseong county is composed of two towns (eup) and seven townships (myeon), with a total population of 98,619 people (including foreigners) as of March 31, 2013.[1]

Town/township Hangul Hanja Area (km2) Households Population
Eumseong-eup 음성읍 陰城邑 86 7,814 19,002
Geumwang-eup 금왕읍 金旺邑 71 8,839 22,602
Soi-myeon 소이면 蘇伊面 49 1,545 3,302
Weonnam-myeon 원남면 遠南面 65 1,548 3,286
Maengdong-myeon 맹동면 孟洞面 35 1,676 5,604
Daeso-myeon 대소면 大所面 38 7,192 18,731
Samseong-myeon 삼성면 三成面 51 3,902 9,410
Saenggeuk-myeon 생극면 笙極面 56 2,228 5,252
Gamgok-myeon 감곡면 甘谷面 69 5,002 11,430
Total 520 39,746 98,619

The most central town is Geumwang (which also goes by the name Muguk). As of 2013 there are between 20-30 foreign English teachers living in Eumseong county from countries including the United States of America, Canada, South Africa, England, and Scotland.[citation needed]

There are many farmers and people living in Eumseong county. They host two cultural festivals in the spring and fall: the Pumba (traditional vagabond) Festival (품바축제) in the spring and the Gochu (chili pepper) Festival (고추축제) in the fall. Eumseong is famous in Korea for its production of high-quality red chili peppers. Eumseong is also renowned for its strawberries, ginseng, watermelon, and beef.[citation needed]

Eumseong is home to three different high schools. Eumseong High School is located in the city of Eumseong, Chungbuk Semi-Conductor High School is located in Geumwang, and Maegoe High School is located in Gamgok. Maegoe is a Catholic all girls middle school as well as a mixed gender high school. In addition, GVCS, an English-speaking Christian boarding school, is located in Eumseong.

There are two institutes of higher education in Eumseong county that are both located in Gamgok-myeon - Far East University and Gangdong College.[2] Far East University is a four-year school while Gangdong College is only two years.

The name "Eumseong" is not to be confused with its homonym "human voice." Rather, its name means "shaded castle.[3]

In 1956, Eumseong township was promoted to Eumseong town. In 1973, Geumwang township was also promoted to a town.[4]

Samseong Myeon.

Samseong is located in the Northwest of Eumseong-Gun, just east of the Jungbu Expressway. The Bus terminal services Dong Seoul station in around 1 hour 35 minutes, as well as other provincial cities and towns.

Samseong has a Middle school, an Elementary school and several private academies or Hagwons. The township is arranged principally around one street which comprises a covered market, CU, 7 Eleven, Paris Baguette,and cornucopia of Korean restaurants and hofs.

Geography wise, rice paddies fill the spaces between the various factories. In addition there are two sizeable lakes and a mountain named Mai San which is excellent for hiking.

Known for spotting wildlife, Samseong was formerly a prime location for encountering the Lesser Spotted Bald Lancastrian, a species now thought to be endangered.

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