Eunos Bus Interchange

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Eunos Bus Interchange
Pertukaran Bas Eunos

Eunos Bus Interchange.jpg

Commencement date: 10 December 1989
Number of sawtooth berths: 4
Number of services:
SBS Transit:
SMRT Buses:
Operators: SBS Transit
SMRT Buses
MRT station:  EW7  Eunos

Eunos Bus Interchange is a small bus interchange located in Eunos, Singapore. It is located and built just outside Eunos MRT Station. It is surrounded by Eunos Road 2, Eunos Avenue 1 and Sims Avenue.

The interchanged is designed with traditional Malay roof structure and shape, but using modern materials such as steel beams, similar to that of the Eunos MRT station. It gives a sense of identity to the area as the bus interchange lies close to Geylang Serai.

In Future that is SBS Transit Bus Service 175 will be Extension to this Bus Interchange at Eunos and SBS TransitBus Service 175 will be Redirection From Eunos Bus Interchange to Clementi Bus Interchange.

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