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Origin Sydney, NSW, Australia
Genres Dance, Dance-pop, House, Eurodance
Years active 1991 (1991)–1993 (1993)
Labels EMI Australia
Associated acts AK Soul, Elastic, Young MC, Jocelyn Brown
Past members

Euphoria was a popular Australian Pop/Dance music trio from the early 1990s based in Sydney, NSW. The group was founded by producer Andrew Klippel (son of visual artist Robert Klippel[1]) and featured the vocals of Keren Minshull and Holly Garnett. Model Jodhi Meares joined after Garnett left.


The group achieved prominence in Australia in late 1991/early '92 with their first single, "Love You Right", after the song and video was featured on the Australian soap opera "E Street." Widespread radio airplay followed, and the single reached #1 on the ARIA Pop chart becoming the 24th highest selling single of 1992.[2] The music video for the song featured E Street cast member Kelley Abbey, who played Jo-jo, as a backup dancer. The video was shown at the beginning of episode 260 of E Street where Wheels sees the video on TV and comments on Jo-jo's participation in it. A then-unknown Simon Baker was also a back-up dancer in the video, and he later acted in E Street.

Other top ten singles followed, including "One In A Million" (#1), "Do for You" (#7) and the less successful fourth single "I Will Never Leave You" (#41). All of these tracks came from their only album, "Total Euphoria" (#14) which was released in 1992. After the single "Elated" was released in 1993 without success, the group disbanded. In 1997 "Love You Right" got a UK release featuring remixes by 2 Unlimited and others. However, it never charted there.

Klippel later explained that the group had formed only after the "Love You Right" single had achieved success. The song had been written and recorded with no expectation of success, and when it became a hit, Klippel felt compelled to assemble a group to promote it. Unfortunately, their success would be tarnished after the "Love You Right" video was released in which Garnett lip-synched Minshull's vocals (although Minshull was featured in a few brief scenes in the video). After the second video for "One In A Million" was released, both Garnett and Minshull shared vocals and screentime. But behind the scenes there were tensions between the trio that resulted in Garnett departing the act and Meares coming in to replace her in the acts' final days. In 2011 Minshull would later admit that despite their short-lived success in the 1990s, she responded to a fan on her YouTube page that she feels that Euphoria is "very dated now" and does not reflect the mainstream music of today.

Life after Euphoria[edit]

Klippel has continued to work in music as a producer for such artists as Human Nature and Jocelyn Brown and forming the dance bands Elastic (another act that featured two female members) and AK Soul. Female members Minshull and Garnett pursued solo and background vocal projects. Minshull continues to work as a Sydney based singer songwriter, having released a new album 'You're Driving' 2011 and launching Keren Minshull Music in 2012. Meares went back to modeling and later launching a fashion clothing line.

Holly Garnett committed suicide in October 1998 at the age of 29, due to the plight of her brother Martin Garnett who was imprisoned in a Thai prison for drug trafficking. [3] [4]


The work of Australian Dance Music Producer Andrew Klippel

As Euphoria:

  • 1992 "Love You Right" AUS#1
  • 1992 "One in a Million" AUS#1
  • 1992 "Do For You" / "Baby I Want It" (featuring Young MC) AUS#7
  • 1992 "I Will Never Leave You" AUS#42
  • 1993 "Elated" AUS#66
  • 1993 "Karma" (unreleased)
  • 1997 "Love You Right" ('97 Remix) UK release

Album - Total Euphoria (1992)

As Elastic:

  • 1994 "Caution to the Wind" AUS#61

As AK Soul:

  • 1995 "I Like It" AUS#28
  • 1996 "Show You Love" (featuring Jocelyn Brown) AUS#49
  • 1997 "Free"
  • 2000 "Show You Love" (Remix) (featuring Jocelyn Brown)

Album - Free (1996)

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