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Public Company
Traded as EuronextRF
Industry Private Equity
Founded 2001 (2001)
Headquarters 8th arrondissement, Paris
Products Leveraged buyouts, Growth capital
Total assets €6 billion
Number of employees

Eurazeo is a French investment company, formed in the merger of Eurafrance and Azeo.[1] Its headquarters are in the 8th arrondissement of Paris.[2] The firm's strategy is to focus on growing companies operating in various markets, with a path to eventually become the chief shareholder of, or at least a significant influence on, each invested business.

With close to €6 billion in diversified assets and a market capitalization of more than €5.59 billion as of December 29, 2006, Eurazeo is one of the top listed investment companies in Europe.

Following the December 2004 announcement of its investment in Rexel and the increase of its holding in Eutelsat, investments in unlisted companies represent close to half of Eurazeo's portfolio. Other key holdings include stakes in truck rental firm Fraikin, hospitality chain B&B Hotel, and stakes in Danone and Air Liquide. Eurazeo also has real estate holdings through property management firm Ateliers de Construction du Nord de la France (ANF). Eurazeo acquired control of ANF from a unit of AXA in 2005.[3]


Gaz et Eaux (English: Gas and Water) was founded in the late nineteenth century as the distributor of water and gas in western and northern France. The gas assets were nationalized in 1945 by the French government, with the company retaining the water activity until 1976. Starting in the 1970s the company went through a gradual transition from a holding company to pure investment company by the 1990s. In 1999 the company changed its name to Azeo.

Separately Eurafrance was founded in the 1980s and focused its investment activities over the years on large operations as controlling shareholder, often a majority.

In 1985 EuraFrance started increasing its shareholding in Azeo. By 2000 it had reached a level of having controlling interest in the company. Azeo remained a subsidiary of EuraFrance until April 2001, when the two companies were merged to create Eurazeo.


Eurazeo Capital[edit]

Eurazeo PME[edit]

As of January 2015, Eurazeo PME is shareholder in 9 companies :

  • Dessange International
  • Léon de Bruxelles
  • Idéal Résidences
  • Péters Surgical
  • Cap Vert Finance
  • Gault&Frémont
  • Fondis Bioritech
  • Vignal Lighting Group
  • Groupe Colisée

Eurazeo Patrimoine[edit]

As of January 2015, Eurazeo Patrimoine is shareholder in 2 companies :

  • ANF immobilier
  • Colyzeo

Eurazeo Croissance[edit]

As of January 2015, Eurazeo Croissance is shareholder in 3 companies :

  • Fonroche
  • I-PuLse
  • IES

Head office[edit]

Head office in Paris

The head office is located in the 8th arrondissement of Paris, 32 rue de Monceau.


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