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For the television mini-series, see Eureka Street (TV series).

Eureka Street is a left wing Australian magazine concerned with public affairs, arts, and theology started in 1991 by Michael Kelly SJ, Morag Fraser, and Adrian Lyons SJ. It was published in paper format for 15 years and was an opinion-forming magazine for many of those years.[citation needed] In 2006 it became an online-only magazine.[1]

The magazine is part of Jesuit Communications, the communications arm of the Australian Jesuit Province. However, the magazine has a tradition of being strongly secular and inclusive.

The chief editor is Michael Mullins and the assistant editor is Tim Kroenert.


Writers of note for the magazine have included Margaret Simons, Peter Roebuck, Brett McBean, Frank Brennan SJ, Bishop Gregory O'Kelly SJ, Clive Hamilton and many others.


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