Euro Tower

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Euro Tower
Cascade Euro Tower 1.jpg
General information
Status Complete
Location Bucharest, Romania
Coordinates 44°26′31″N 26°05′31″E / 44.44200°N 26.09181°E / 44.44200; 26.09181Coordinates: 44°26′31″N 26°05′31″E / 44.44200°N 26.09181°E / 44.44200; 26.09181
Completed 2012
Cost € 60,000,000
Roof 80 m (260 ft)
Technical details
Floor count 18
Floor area 18,000 m2 (190,000 sq ft)
Design and construction
Architect Dorin Ștefan, Chapman Taylor architects
Developer Cascade Group

Euro Tower is a class A office building and the first Green building in Bucharest. It has 18 floors and a surface of 18,000 m2. At a height of 80 m (246 ft), the construction was finished in 2012.[1][2]

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