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Euroclydon is a cyclonic tempestuous northeast wind which blows in the Mediterranean, mostly in autumn and winter. It is the modern Gregalia (Gregale) or Levanter. From the Greek word eurokludōn [εὐροκλύδων], from Euros (Eurus, meaning east wind) + and the Greek word akulōn (akylōn, meaning north wind) unattested) north wind, and from Latin word, aquilō (aquilon).

Notable references[edit]

It may specifically refer to the name of the Gregale wind from the Adriatic Gulf, which wrecked the apostle Paul's ship on the coast of Malta on his way to Rome (Acts 27:14).

It is referenced in the second chapter of Moby-Dick.


Acts 27:14
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Moby Dick Chapter 2