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Euromed Management – School of Management and Business
Euromed Marseille École de Management
Motto Get ready to love your future
Established 1872
Dean Bernard Belletante
Students 4,400
Location Marseille, France

France Marseille
France Toulon
Morocco Marrakech

China Suzhou

Euromed Management – School of Management and Business (formerly École Supérieure de Commerce de Marseille Provence) is a French business school. It was founded in Marseille (France) in 1872 by the Chambre de Commerce et d' Industrie Marseille-Provence. It has the triple accreditation: EQUIS by the EFMD, AMBA, and the AACSB. It belongs to the top 30 European Business Schools according to the Financial Times and to the top 10 Masters in Management, in France, according to the Financial Times.



1872: The Business School was founded in 1872 to serve the economic interests of a community mainly concentrated on maritime trade and chemistry.

2001: In April 2001, the General Assembly of the CCIMP (Chamber of Commerce and Industry Marseille-Provence) estimated that the development of a major business school in Marseille would happen by according it more freedom, and not by more control or more financial means without a major renovation project. This “freedom” took the form of the creation of a Board of Directors who would be more autonomous for management.

2002: In January 2002, Dr. Jean-Paul Léonardi was appointed Director General and VicePresident of the Board. In July 2002, Professor Bernard Belletante was named Dean and Associate Director General. In October 2002, the first strategic plan was approved by the Board. 2003: In June, in order to reflect its competitive positioning, the School changes its name. From « Groupe ESC Marseille-Provence » the brand becomes « Euromed Marseille, Ecole de Management ». The Bachelor programmes receive the « visa » from the French Government, and the « Grande Ecole » programme (MBM) obtains the Master distinction. The MBA programme is launched in China.

2005: First EQUIS accreditation.

2006: Update of the first strategic plan.

2007: AMBA accreditation of the then Part-Time MBA programme (started in 1990) and of the Antai-Euromed MBA programme (started in 2003).

2008: EQUIS re-accreditation. The brand becomes “Euromed Management » to reflect the opening of new campuses in France and abroad. Professor Belletante is named Dean and Director General. The second strategic plan (2009-2014) is approved by the Board. Launching of the Maritime MBA. Launching of the Dual-Degree Antai-Euromed Executive MBA (Shanghai).

2009: The Maritime MBA and Antai Euromed Executive MBA are accredited by AMBA. Opening of the Marrakech campus. Launching of the Euromed Management DBA programme in China in 2009 in partnership with Renmin University.

2010: The legal status of Euromed Management changes and the new entity becomes independent from the CCIMP. Takeover of ESCT Toulon. Opening of the Suzhou campus.

2011: Euromed Management is awarded accreditation by AACSB and re-accreditation by EQUIS for the third time.

2012: Euromed Management announced its merger with Bordeaux École de Management.

2013: Euromed Management and Bordeaux École de Management become Kedge Business School.

Future - Merger[edit]

A merger between Bordeaux Ecole de Management (BEM) and Euromed Management (leading to the creation of Kedge Business School) was announced in 2012. According to Financial Times, the goal of the merger is to raise the profile and ranking of Euromed to be a top 15 school in Europe. The merger will mean a total budget of €83,000,000 a faculty of 159 members and 10,000 students.[1]

The campus[edit]

Euromed Management has several different campuses:[2] Three in Marseille, one in Toulon, one in Shanghai, one in Algeria, one in Peking and one in one Marrakech.

The two primary campuses are of Euromed Management are in Luminy, are named the Luminy Campus and Vaufrèges, the latter being opened in 2003. In 2006, Euromed opened another campus Docks de Marseille.

In May 2009, Euromed opened its private campus in Marrakech.[3] In partnership with an Engineering School, the campus is a destination for ESC, Cesemed, EGC and Master students.

Programs Offered[edit]


Euromed Marseille is located in Luminy, near the Calanques of Sugiton and Morgiou

The school offers several types of bachelors programs that vary in length and focus.

  • The CeseMed degree, a 4-year long programme, two years at Euromed and another two years in a foreign country.
  • Euromed Bachelor, a 3-year long programme.


  • The ESC Grande École degree, starts immediately after two years of bachelors studies; it's made up of three years, one year of final bachelors studies and then two years of masters studies.

The school offers several Master of Science (MSc) programmes designed especially for international students, all of which are one-year programs taught exclusively in English. All Msc programs include 9 months of courses and a mandatory internship, thesis or major project.

View of Euromed Marseille
  • MS en Management Maritime International
  • MS in Healthcare Company Management
  • MS in Management of Innovation, Quality and the Environment (MS MIQE)
  • MS in Management of Social Action and Medico-Social Structures
  • MS in International Sport & Event Management
  • M.Sc. in Entertainment & Media Management
  • M.Sc. in Real Estate Management and Urban Policy
  • M.Sc. in Financial and Organisational Management
  • M.Sc. in Maritime, International and Logistics Management
  • MS Asset Engineering for Managers

The school also offers an International Masters in Management (IMM) with several different focuses. This is a one year program that requires two international seminars along with a final major project, thesis or internship. The program is made up of only international students and courses are mostly taught in English. The specialization that can be taken in the IMM program follow:

  • International Brand Management
  • Corporate Finance and Globalisation
  • Operations & Supply Chain Management
  • International Business
  • International Sport and Event Management

Lastly, the school offers MBA programs that range in focus and length. The Executive MBA program in 2011 was ranked by Financial Times as a top 25 program in Europe.

  • MBA World Med MBA
  • Antai-Euromed MBA (China)
  • Maritime MBA

Accreditations / Network[edit]

The school is one of the few business schools in the world that has a Triple Crown accreditation. As of March 2012, only 56 universities in the world had the triple crown status.

  • Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business AACSB - since 2011
  • European Quality Improvement System (EQUIS) - since 2005.
  • Global Compact - since May 2005. It also delivers a Global Compact Label on specific scholar routes of ESC programs and on all student diplomas of the International M.Sc in NGO management and Good Governance
  • Association of MBAs


Euromed has an extensive list of partner schools that are located on six different continents.[4] These partnerships allow Euromed and its partners to exchange students among each other. Some notable Euromed partners include Wilfrid Laurier University, Pepperdine University, American University, Renmin University of China and BI Norwegian Business School.


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