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Euromotion is a Portland, Oregon-based,[1] five-piece electro rock[2] or electropop[3] band. Skeeter, the band's lead vocalist, claims to come from the year 3012.

According to the band's website:

Euromotion is the essence of dance...We play dance music and pump parties all across the space-time continuum. We want to make party at your house.[4]

The band released an album in 2003 titled Get Serious and an EP in 2004 titled Euromotion is Coming.[5] Both of these albums have been re-released through [6] Trog Records and are available for streaming and download from Euromotion's artist page on the Trog Records site-

Two previously unreleased studio tracks, 'Perfect World' and 'More Than Friends' were released on October 24, 2011 (Earth Time), by Trog Records as a two song release called 'Perfect World X More Than Friends'. Although countless YouTube video clips of the band performing live, as well as Euromotion fan videos have surfaced on the web, these two tracks are the first official studio tracks that we have seen from Euromotion since the release of the 'Euromotion Is Coming E.P.' in 2004.[7] The new 2 track release 'Perfect World X More Than Friends' is here -

Euromotion at Various Colleges[edit]

Euromotion gained a cult following at the liberal arts school, Colorado College. Euromotion is frequently played at parties and in the vans on geology field trips. CC students tried unsuccessfully to get Euromotion to play at their music festival. Get Serious is still a cult classic.

The University of Puget Sound also unsuccessfully tried contacting Euromotion to play their Fall Log Jam, however no response was given. Euromotion gained quite the following through their campus airwaves after gratuitous requests for airtime were made. Rumors surfaced that since the University Would be renamed in the year 2983, the band was just too busy dancing to comment. The band was also played frequently at parties at the University of Nebraska at Lincoln from 2003-2011, but since than the band has fallen out of favor with party people.

As of late 2008, the official website no longer exists and the Myspace page has not been updated since 2007. This band may no longer be active.

As of February 2010, the official website is back up. And better than ever (either in the future, or the past).


  • Skeeter: vocals
  • Otto: keyboards
  • Antonio: keyboards
  • Manny: drums
  • Fritz: electric guitar
  • Svendle: Computer mouse (From "Lost in Time and Space")


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