European Adventure Tour 1981

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The European Adventure Tour 1981 was a concert tour by the British multi-instrumentalist Mike Oldfield.


The European Adventure Tour 1981 was in promotion of Oldfield's QE2 album. During this tour Oldfield performed at the concert for the Wedding of Charles, Prince of Wales, and Lady Diana Spencer. The DVD release, Live at Montreux 1981 was also recorded during this tour.

Nine tracks from the concert performed in Grugahalle, Essen on the 1st April were released on a bonus disc with the deluxe remaster of the QE2 album in July 2012.[1]

Tour dates[edit]

Country[2] Date City Venue Notes
Germany 09/03/1981 Offenbach Stadthalle
10/03/1981 Offenbach Stadthalle
11/03/1981 Heidelberg Rhein-Neckar-Halle
12/03/1981 Mainz Rheingoldhalle
14/03/1981 Würzburg Tauberfrankenhalle
15/03/1981 Nürnberg Hemmerleinhalle
16/03/1981 München Rudi-Sedlmayer-Halle
17/03/1981 Ravensburg Oberschwabenhalle
18/03/1981 Karlsruhe Schwarzwaldhalle
19/03/1981 Köln Sporthalle
21/03/1981 Hamburg Congress Center Hamburg
22/03/1981 Kiel Ostseehalle
23/03/1981 Bremerhaven Stadthalle
25/03/1981 Hannover Eilenriedehalle
26/03/1981 Bremen Stadthalle
27/03/1981 Berlin Deutschlandhalle
29/03/1981 Düsseldorf Phillipshalle
30/03/1981 Münster Halle Münsterland
31/03/1981 Siegen Siegerlandhalle 2 shows
01/04/1981 Essen Grugahalle
02/04/1981 Hannover Eilenriedehalle
Netherlands 03/04/1981 Rotterdam De Doelen
Finland 15/06/1981 Helsinki
Sweden 17/06/1981 Stockholm Grönalund
Denmark 18/06/1981 København Falkoner Teatret
Norway 19/06/1981 Oslo
Belgium 21/06/1981 Bruxelles Forest National
Netherlands 22/06/1981 Nijmegen
23/06/1981 Rotterdam De Doelen
France 24/06/1981 Paris Palais Des Sports
25/06/1981 Lille
26/06/1981 Paris Palais Des Sports
27/06/1981 Concarneau
28/06/1981 Poitiers Amphi Descartes
29/06/1981 Lyon Palais d'Hiver
30/06/1981 Strasbourg Hall Rhenus
Luxembourg 01/07/1981 Luxembourg
Germany 02/07/1981 Freiburg Stadthalle
03/07/1981 Sindelfingen Messehalle
Switzerland 05/07/1981 Montreux Grande Sale Jazz Festival Montreux Jazz Festival 1981 (2 shows) Released on DVD (Live at Montreux 1981)
Italy 06/07/1981 Milano Velodromo Vigorelli
07/07/1981 Jesolo Open Air Festival
08/07/1981 Bologna
09/07/1981 Rome Palasport
10/07/1981 Livorno Stadio Armando Picchi
12/07/1981 Rimini Open Air
Israel 13/07/1981 Tel Aviv
14/07/1981 Tel Aviv
Greece 16/07/1981 Athens Roman Ruins
17/07/1981 Athens Roman Ruins
Austria 20/07/1981 Vienna Stadthalle
Poland 22/07/1981 Poznań Hala Arena
Czechoslovakia 24/07/1981 Praga Strahov Stadium
United Kingdom 28/07/1981 London Guildhall Yard The Royal Wedding Concert
30/07/1981 London Rainbow Theatre
09/08/1981 Nottingham Theatre Royal
Spain 08/1981 Barcelona TV studio Musical Express


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