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The European Air Racing Championship is a handicapped air race arranged by the Royal Aero Club - Records, Racing and Rally Association.[1]


No sooner had aircraft developed to the stage that they would stay airborne for predictable amounts of time, than pilots had started to pit their skills and aircraft against each other both personally and on a national basis.

Schneider Trophy[edit]

Whilst the Schneider Trophy is probably the epitome of air racing involving the most technically advanced aircraft, it soon became obvious that, with so many different types in development, there would have to be some form of handicapping of aircraft to level the playing field.

King's Cup Race[edit]

The modern-day handicapped air race began in 1922 and was sponsored by King George V — called the King's Cup Race. In 1931 the rules were re-written to allow for what might be termed amateur pilots to compete and those same rules still apply today. The King’s Cup was the first and only air race to receive royal patronage.

Records Racing and Rally Association[edit]

Whilst this was a British phenomenon, the handicapping concept has been used to stage races worldwide. Especially popular in the technologically superior Europe, it became known through the Royal Aero Club Records Racing and Rally Association. This organisation runs an annual programme of 14 to 18 races at seven to nine different venues, mainly in the UK but at least two or three in Europe.

European Championship[edit]

In 2000, the organisation launched a European Championship aimed at attracting a wider audience of European competitors. This championship is run within the Royal Aero Club RRR’s normal season of races but the champion is the pilot/navigator combination that scores the highest number of aggregate points over five or six race venues. These venues typically include the UK, France, Spain, Channel Isles, Ireland and the Isle of Man.


  • 2000 Geoffrey Boot - Beagle Pup
  • 2001 Robert Miller - Slingsby T67
  • 2002 Robert Miller - Slingsby T67
  • 2003 Peter Earp - Beech Baron E58
  • 2004 John Kelsall - RV7
  • 2005 John Kelsall - RV7
  • 2006 Peter Earp - Beech Baron E58
  • 2007 Peter Earp - Beech Baron E58
  • 2008 Alistair Allan - SF260
  • 2009 Craig Beevers - SF260
  • 2010 Robert Callaway-Lewis - Auster
  • 2011 Geoffrey Boot - Siai Marchetti SF260


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