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Not to be confused with European Free Alliance.
European Alliance for Freedom
President Franz Obermayr
Secretary-General Sharon Ellul-Bonici
Founded 2010; 4 years ago (2010)
Headquarters Birkirkara, Malta[1]
Youth wing YEAH — Young European Alliance for Hope[2]
Ideology Euroscepticism
Right-wing populism
Political position Right-wing[3] to
Radical right[4][5]
European Parliament group European Alliance for Freedom
Colours Dark Blue
Political foundation European Foundation for Freedom
Politics of the European Union
Political parties

The European Alliance for Freedom (EAF) is a pan-European political party of (radical) right-wing eurosceptics. It was founded in late 2010, the party was recognised by the European Parliament in 2011.[6] Unlike in other pan-European parties, the members of the Alliance are not national parties but individuals.

The head office of the Alliance is in Brussels, Belgium, and its registered office is in Birkirkara, Malta. Franz Obermayr from Austria has been the president of the organisation since November 2012, succeeding founding chairman Godfrey Bloom. His vice presidents are the Fleming Philip Claeys and the French Marine Le Pen.[7] The secretary-general is Sharon Ellul-Bonici from Malta.[8]

The EAF was awarded a grant by European Parliament for 2011 of, at most, €372,753.[6] In 2012 the EP's maximal grant dropped to €360,455.[1] The party's affiliated political foundation is the European Foundation for Freedom.[9]



Former members[edit]

1 Morvai is associated with Jobbik while not being a formal member. She quit in July 2011 due to differences with the FPÖ.[15]
2 Paksas and Imbrasas later joined the Movement for a Europe of Liberties and Democracy (MELD)

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