European Cockpit Association

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European Cockpit Association
European Cockpit Association logo.png
Formation 1991[1]
Headquarters Brussels, Belgium
Membership 37 member associations
Nico Voorbach
Secreatary General
Philip von Schoppenthau

The European Cockpit Association is an organization that represents European pilots. Founded in 1991, it works to improve European policies in all areas of aviation that affect pilots, such as safety, pilot licensing, air operations, fair competition, international air traffic agreements, air traffic management and employment conditions. ECA currently represents over 38,000 European pilots from the National pilot Associations in 37 European and has its headquarters in the City of Brussels.[1]

Mission statement[edit]

"The European Cockpit Association represents the collective interests of its Member Associations at European level, striving for the highest levels of aviation safety and fostering social rights and quality employment for pilots in Europe."[1]

Pilot fatigue[edit]

Pilot fatigue (due to long duty hours, insufficient rest/sleep opportunities etc.) can pose a risk to the safety of air operations and ECA has ever since its establishment, campaigned for harmonised Flight Time Limitations rules across the EU, which would reduce the risk of pilot fatigue. In January 2012, together with Transport Workers' Union ETF, ECA organised an EU-wide demonstration against the new rules proposed by the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA). A 2012 ECA study showed that four out of ten pilots had reported falling asleep while flying.[2][3][4]


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