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The Commissioner for Research, Innovation and Science is a portfolio within the European Commission. The current commissioner is Máire Geoghegan-Quinn (ELDR).

The portfolio is responsible primarily for research and improving the conditions in the Union for researchers. The post is known familiarly as Science and Research; however it involves other fields such as technology, development etc.

Current commissioner[edit]

Geoghegan-Quinn was approved by the European Parliament in 2010 as European Commissioner for Research, Innovation and Science.

List of commissioners[edit]

Name Country Period Commission
1 Fritz Hellwig  West Germany 1967–1970 Rey Commission
2 Ralf Dahrendorf  West Germany 1973–1977 Ortoli Commission
3 Guido Brunner  West Germany 1977–1981 Jenkins Commission
4 Filippo Maria Pandolfi  Italy 1989–1993 Delors Commission
5 Antonio Ruberti  Italy 1993–1995 Delors Commission III
6 Édith Cresson  France 1995–1999 Santer Commission
7 Philippe Busquin  Belgium 1999–2004 Prodi Commission
8 Louis Michel  Belgium 2004 Prodi Commission
9 Janez Potočnik  Slovenia 2004–2010 Barroso Commission I
10 Máire Geoghegan-Quinn  Ireland 2010 onwards Barroso Commission II

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