European Congress of Ethnic Religions

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European Congress of Ethnic Religions
ECER logo.png
Formation 1998
Type Ethnic and Traditional Paganism
Location Vivulskio 27-4, LT-03114 Vilnius, Lithuania
Membership About 20 organisations
Founder Jonas Trinkunas
Key people Jonas Trinkunas, Vlassis Rassias

The European Congress of Ethnic Religions (ECER), formerly known as the World Congress of Ethnic Religions (WCER), is an organisation for cooperation between associations which promote the indigenous ethnic religions of Europe (the Pagan religions). It was established in June 1998 in Vilnius, Lithuania, "the last European country to resist the onslaught of Christianity".[1]

The primary goal of the ECER is the strengthening of the ethnic Pagan traditions of Europe and to foster religious tolerance. Their ninth annual conference was held in Jaipur, India on 5–10 February. Their tenth congress was held in various places in Latvia from June 19 to 21. The organisation promotes collaboration between traditional ethnic Paganism and Hinduism.

Member organisations[edit]

Members are mostly European ethnic religious organizations, but the ECER is in principle open to European ethnic religious organizations from any continent.

In 1999, member organizations were:[2]

Member organizations which joined at a later date include:[3]

Chronology of the congresses[edit]

  1. Vilnius, Lithuania (1998)
  2. Telsiai, Lithuania (1999)
  3. Bradesiai, Lithuania (2000)
  4. Vilnius, Lithuania (2001), with delegates from the Vishva Hindu Parishad
  5. Vilnius, Lithuania (2002)
  6. Vilnius, Lithuania (2003) "Global Initiatives for Ethnic Cultures and Religions"
  7. Athens, Greece (2004) "The High Values Of The Pre-Christian Ethnic Traditions and Religions"
  8. Antwerp, Flanders (2005) "Spirituality and Tradition in an Anti-Traditional World"
  9. Jaipur, India (2006) "Spirituality Beyond Religions", in cooperation with the International Centre of Cultural Studies and the World Congress of Elders of Ancient Cultures and Traditions
  10. Riga-Jurmala-Sigulda, Latvia (2007) "The Spirit Will See New Light in the Turn of Ages"
  11. Jędrzychowice, Poland (2008)
  12. Nagpur, India (2009)
  13. Bologna, Italy (2010) "Ethics in Contemporary World"
  14. Odense, Denmark (2012)
  15. Prague, Czechia (2013)


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