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European Geoparks map

The European Geoparks Network, often known as the EGN, is a trans-national partnership of Geoparks across Europe formed in 2000 to provide mutual support to established and prospective Geoparks across the continent. The Madonie Agreement of 2004 provided that all Geoparks recognised by the EGN were also to be members of the UNESCO Global Network of National Geoparks, sometimes referred to as the GGN.

The EGN was established in 2000 with just four member Geoparks. It has grown to the point that by November 2011 there were 48 Geoparks in 17 countries across Europe. Member Geoparks of the EGN aim to achieve sustainable economic growth in their designated areas by making the most of their cultural, geological and wider natural heritage not least through developing geo-tourism.

Members of the Network meet at different Geopark venues twice a year to debate matters of common interest, to elect new member Geoparks and to revalidate existing members. At the start of each summer, the EGN also promotes 'European Geoparks Week' - a celebration of Geoparks across Europe which, in individual Geoparks, may be manifest as ~ Geopark Fortnight or ~ Festival.[1]

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(at 23 November 2011):

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