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European Judo Championships is the Judo European Championship organized by the European Judo Union.

List of tournaments[edit]

The medals awarded at the 2010 European Judo Championships in Vienna.
Edition Host City Country
1951 (details) Paris  France
1952 (details) Paris  France
1954 (details) Brussels  Belgium
1955 (details) Paris  France
1957 (details) Rotterdam  Netherlands
1958 (details) Barcelona  Spain
1959 (details) Vienna  Austria
1960 (details) Amsterdam  Netherlands
1961 (details) Milan  Italy
1962 (details) Essen  West Germany
1963 (details) Geneva   Switzerland
1964 (details) West Berlin[1]  West Germany
1965 (details) Madrid  Spain
1966 (details) Luxembourg  Luxembourg
1967 (details) Rome  Italy
1968 (details) Lausanne   Switzerland
1969 (details) Ostend  Belgium
1970 (details) West Berlin  West Germany
1971 (details) Göteborg  Sweden
1972 (details) Voorburg  Netherlands
1973 (details) Madrid  ESP
1974 (details) London (men)  United Kingdom
1974 (details) Genoa (women first test)  Italy
1975 (details) Lyon (men)  France
1975 (details) Munich (women)  West Germany
1976 (details) Kiev (men)  Soviet Union
1976 (details) Vienna (women)  Austria
1977 (details) Ludwigshafen (men)  West Germany
1977 (details) Arlon (women)  Belgium
1978 (details) Helsinki (men)  Finland
1978 (details) Cologne (women)  West Germany
1979 (details) Brussels (men)  Belgium
1979 (details) Kerkrade (women)  Netherlands
1980 (details) Vienna (men)  Austria
1980 (details) Udine (women)  Italy
1981 (details) Debrecen (men)  Hungary
1981 (details) Madrid (women)  Spain
1982 (details) Rostock (men)  East Germany
1982 (details) Oslo (women)  Norway
1983 (details) Paris (men)  France
1983 (details) Genoa (women)  Italy
1984 (details) Liège (men)  Belgium
1984 (details) Pirmasens (women)  West Germany
1985 (details) Hamar (men)  Norway
1985 (details) Landskrona (Women)  Sweden
1986 (details) Belgrade (men)  Yugoslavia
1986 (details) London (women)  United Kingdom
1987 (details) Paris  France
1988 (details) Pamplona  Spain
1989 (details) Helsinki  Finland
1990 (details) Frankfurt  Germany
1991 (details) Prague  Czechoslovakia
1992 (details) Paris  France
1993 (details) Athens  Greece
1994 (details) Gdańsk  Poland
1995 (details) Birmingham  United Kingdom
1996 (details) The Hague  Netherlands
1997 (details) Ostend  Belgium
1998 (details) Oviedo  Spain
1999 (details) Bratislava  Slovakia
2000 (details) Wrocław  Poland
2001 (details) Paris  France
2002 (details) Maribor  Slovenia
2003 (details) Düsseldorf  Germany
2004 (details) Bucharest  Romania
2005 (details) Rotterdam  Netherlands
2006 (details) Tampere  Finland
2007 (details) Belgrade  Serbia
2008 (details) Lisbon  Portugal
2009 (details) Tbilisi  Georgia
2010 (details) Vienna  Austria
2011 (details) Istanbul  Turkey
2012 (details) Chelyabinsk  Russia
2013 (details) Budapest  Hungary
2014 (details) Montpellier  France
2015 (details) Glasgow  United Kingdom

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