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The European Prison Education Association or EPEA was founded in Bergen, Netherlands, in 1991, after two years of work by individuals who had discussed the idea at an international conference on prison education in Oxford in 1989 to suggest the setting up of an organisation that would also help to turn the aspirations of the new Council of Europe Recommendation R(89)12, "Education in Prison," into a working reality.

The association has approximately 1000 members in 43 European countries, 8 national branches and an office in Norway. EPEA branches are in Norway, Ireland, Hellas, France, Hungary, Netherlands, Scotland and Malta.

The membership consist typically of prison teachers, administrators and researchers from Universities.

Activities includes

  • Advocacy for prison education
  • membership of the Conference of INGOs and the Bureau of the Liaison Committee at the Council of Europe [1]
  • associated membership of the European Association for Education of Adults, EAEA [2]
  • coordination and participation of European Projects and training courses under the Socrates Action
  • bi-annual international conferences. The latest was in Manchester, United Kingdom, October 2011.[3]
  • a bi-annual European conference for directors of prison education, next conference will be in Athens, Hellas, 2012
  • publication of a Magazine and News Letter for members.
  • won the eaea award for best European Grundtvig project 2009 [4]

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