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The European Savings Banks Group is a European banking association representing 26 members from 26 countries (EU and non-EU), comprising approximately 870 individual savings and retail banks. These institutions operate 84,000 branches and employ 971,000 people. At the start of 2006, total assets of ESBG members amounted to €5,216 billion and total non-bank loans to €2,685 billion.[1]

The European Savings Banks Group was founded in 1963 as the 'Savings Banks Group of the European Economic Community'. The association changed its name to European Savings Banks Group in 1988. ESBG is the sister organisation of the World Savings Banks Institute. Both organisations are managed in Brussels by a WSBI-ESBG Joint Office.

ESBG represents the interests of its members vis-à-vis the EU Institutions and fosters cooperation between them. To this end, it defines and expresses the position of its members in matters related to the European financial services industry. It publishes research papers and studies on the evolution of legislation and the retail banking market in Europe, notably in comparison with other markets.[2] ESBG also provides technical consultancy in partnership with multilateral agencies and offers training to its members.



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