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European School of Economics
European School of Economics logo.jpg
Motto invisibilia ex invisibilibus
Established 1994
Type Private business school
Rector Elio D'Anna
Location London, New York, Madrid, Rome, Milan, Florence

The European School of Economics (ESE) is a private business school which offers UK bachelors and masters degrees and specialised short programmes at its campuses in London,[1] New York, Milan, Rome, Florence and Madrid.[2] Specifically, ESE students can earn a BBA (Hons) in Marketing, Finance, Management, or Media and Communications;[3] an MSc in Finance, Management or Marketing; or an MBA in Business Administration.[4] ESE degree programmes are validated by the University of Buckingham, which confers the degrees.[4]

The European School of Economics (ESE) is a recognised Educational Institution, accredited by the British Accreditation Council (BAC). ESE is listed among the institutions delivering courses that lead to Degrees awarded by Recognised Bodies (The University of Buckingham).

Students may also take non-degree short programmes in the specialised areas of Marketing, Management, Finance, HR and Entrepreneurship[5] as well as Event Management, International Management, Art Management & Consultancy.

The European School of Economics is recognised as a listed body by the Department for Business Innovation and Skills (BIS) and by UK law as an institution that delivers courses which lead to UK degrees awarded by recognised bodies – in this case specifically the University of Buckingham.[4]

ESE’s London campus is accredited by the British Accreditation Council.[6]

In Spain in 2010, the Madrid Campus of the European School of Economics was authorised by the Ministry of Education and the Comunidad de Madrid to teach university-level programmes leading to the award of a British degree in Spain.[7] This authorisation allows ESE students who successfully complete the degree programme to apply for recognition of the British degree as an equivalent to the corresponding Spanish level of studies. All the Degree programs taught at ESE Madrid are registered at the Comunidad de Madrid as an authorized institution.[8]


The European School of Economics was founded in Italy in 1994,[9] and grew in six years from one small centre in Rome to 6 campuses nationwide.[10]

In July 2001, when military service was still compulsory in Italy, a decree was signed stating that Italian students enrolled in European universities, but studying on Italian soil, did not have the right to postpone their military service. This decree was invoked against ESE 1,800 times, in the face of its persistent defence of its students’ right to postpone service.[11]

The TAR in the Veneto region with sentence n. 3092 of June 5, 2002, annulling the provision of the Military District of Padova, recognised the rights of the students enrolled in ESE and attending courses in Italy to obtain the postponement of the fulfillment of their military obligation in order to study. Consecutively, all of the above-mentioned decrees were challenged and reversed giving ESE students 1800 victories over the Italian State.[12]

On December 12, 2013, the European School of Economics UK Ltd. (ESE Foundation) became a charity.[13]


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