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ESOMAR (originally named The European Society for Opinion and Market Research) is a world association for market, social and opinion researchers.

Founded in 1948, ESOMAR began as a regional association within Europe. Currently, with more than 5,000 members in over 130 countries, ESOMAR’s global membership brings together professionals in market and opinion research, marketing, advertising, business, public affairs and media from across the world.

ESOMAR recently launched Corporate Membership in September 11, 2012, which changed its structure to allow for individual and corporate members.

ESOMAR now represents over 50,000 market research professionals worldwide.

According to its mission statement, ESOMAR encourages, advances and elevates market research worldwide. Its stated goal is to promote the highest standards in market research for improving decision making in the public and private sectors, by:

  • safeguarding the interests of the Market, Social and Opinion Research industries globally
  • improving and promote international best practice
  • promoting the value of the industry to commerce and society

ESOMAR, in collaboration with the International Chamber of Commerce, has established a world-wide code of ethical practice, the ICC/ESOMAR International Code on Market and Social Research, for its members and actively advocates self-regulation by promoting industry standards. All individual members agree to abide by these standards and codes of ethical practice while conducting market research. Additionally, the Code has been adopted or endorsed by more than 65 the major national professional bodies around the world.

The ESOMAR Council is currently presided over by Dan Foreman, UK. Dan was elected in 2012, taking office 2013-14. He is the Youngest ever President, aged 38 at election.

Previous Presidents include:

2011-2012 - Dieter Korczak 2009-2010 - Gunilla Broadbent 2007-2008 - Frits Spanbergen

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