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European TRIZ association (ETRIA) is an association based in Germany which considers itself an open community to unite the efforts, suggest opportunities for global standardization, conduct further research and development, and provide mechanisms for the exchange of information and knowledge on TRIZ and TRIZ based innovation technologies.

ETRIA develops a web-based collaborative environment targeted the creation of links between any and all institutions concerned with conceptual questions pertaining to the creation, organization, and efficient processing of innovation knowledge and innovation technologies.

TRIZ is considered as a cross-disciplinary, generic methodology, but it has not previously been presented in terms of logic or any other formal knowledge representation. Most of the concepts introduced in TRIZ are fuzzy, and most of the techniques are still heuristic and only partially formalized. For further development and conceptual re-organization of the TRIZ knowledge base, ETRIA involves and collaborates with TRIZ experts and professionals from the domains of logic, organization science, informatics and linguistics.


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