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European route E772 is a class B road, part of the International E-road network in Bulgaria. It connects the two sections of the Hemus motorway (A2) constructed so far, and is part of one of the most important transport corridors in the country: from the capital Sofia in the west to Varna and the northern Bulgarian Black Sea Coast in the east.

The road starts near Yablanitsa and ends near Shumen. Its length is about 300 km (190 mi). It serves as a connection between the provincial capitals Shumen, Targovishte, Veliko Tarnovo and Lovech with Sofia and the port of Varna. It is a two-lane road (one lane in each direction). There are few three-lane parts for overtaking. The road surface is in a comparatively good condition since it is one of the main roads in northern Bulgaria and will remain so until the completion of the Hemus motorway.

The E-road network in Bulgaria


- connection with Mw A2 BG.svg Hemus motorway/(E79) (from Sofia)
- connection to Lovech and Troyan
- connection to Gabrovo and Shipka Pass
Veliko Tarnovo
- connection to Gorna Oryahovitsa, connection with E85 and Shipka Pass
- connection to Kotel and Kotel Pass
- connection to Veliki Preslav
- connection with Mw A2 BG.svg Hemus motorway/(E70) (from Varna), connection to Veliki Preslav
From west to east: Yablanitsa, Sevlievo, Veliko Tarnovo, Omurtag, Targovishte, Shumen

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Coordinates: 43°5′25″N 25°31′31″E / 43.09028°N 25.52528°E / 43.09028; 25.52528