European route E96

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E96 shield

Route information
Length: 436 km (271 mi)
Major junctions
West end: İzmir (Turkey)
East end: Sivrihisar (Turkey)
Countries: Turkey
Highway system
International E-road network

European route E96 or E96 is a European route running from İzmir in Turkey (connected to European route E881) to Sivrihisar (in Turkey), which is connected to European route E90. The road is a Class A West-East reference road in the European road network.


In the old system, the road was known under the name of E23. During the mid eighties of the 20th century the route was added to the new road numbering system as the E96. In the year of 2000, the route was removed from the road numbering system. The reason why is not known. The road was still known under the name of E96. At the urging of the Turkish Government in 2005, the route was once again been assigned to the number E96.