Eurosong 2013 – a MAD show

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Eurosong 2013 - a MAD show
Eurosong 2013 - a MAD show.png
Final 18 February 2013
Presenter(s) Despina Vandi
Giorgos Kapoutzidis
Broadcaster ERT
Venue Gazi Music Hall
Winning song "Alcohol Is Free" by Koza Mostra and Agathonas Iakovidis
Voting system
50% Tele-Voting/SMS
50% Judging panel Chance round.
Number of entries 4
Opening act Despina Vandi presenting Dima Bilan, Ruslana, Marija Serifovic and Alexander Rybak

Eurosong 2013 – a MAD show is a Greek national final, held to select the Greek entry for the Eurovision Song Contest 2013.

ERT announced on 15 January 2013 that it had reached an agreement with private music channel MAD TV to take on the organization and production of a national final to select a song to represent Greece in the contest.[1] Additionally, MAD TV will also handle all related preparations associated with the contest.[1] ERT stated that it had taken this decision, after reaching out to record labels and failing to secure a deal with them as in previous years.[1] Additionally, this marks the first time in Greece's participation that ERT outsourced the organization of the national final to a private channel.[2]

On 21 January 2013, ERT and MAD TV officially announced four acts that will take part in a national final.[3][4][5] All four acts are signed to the record label Panik Records or its imprint Platinum Records.[4] A special press conference to present the selected songs was held on 6 February 2013.[6] The national final would take place on 18 February 2013 at the Gazi Music Hall, with the winner being chosen via 50% Televoting/SMS Messaging and 50% internal jury.[7][8]

The songs[edit]

"Alcohol is Free"[edit]

The band Koza Mostra and their label Platinum Records chose the song "Alcohol is Free", composed by band frontman Elias Kozas with lyrics by Stahis Pahidis. The song also features rebetiko singer Agathonas Iakovidis.[9][10][11] The song is performed entirely in Greek language, with the exception of the English language title used in the refrain.[12] Agathonas Iakovidis joins the band, providing a mix of traditional rebetiko style music.[13] The lyrics of the song describe a night out by the band having fun, but also uses metaphors to describe the Greek government-debt crisis and European sovereign-debt crisis; throughout the course of the song and using more metaphors, they try to escape all of the problems.[13] Due to Eurovision rules only allowing six people on stage, one band member will not be included in their stage appearance.[13]


Producer Alex Leon and his label Panik Records chose the song "Angel", with music and lyrics by Alex Leon; additional lyrics are by Riskykidd.[9][10][11] The song features singer Giorgina performing the vocals. The song has been described as a house-tempo song with dubstep and chillstep elements.[14] The song starts off as a ballad based on tradition Greek music and Middle Eastern music scales, featuring a vocal line consisting of Gothic rock elements with an ethnic twist.[14] It eventually culminates bringing all the music genres together, transforming the song into break-dance pop.[14]

"Hilies Kai Mia Nihtes"[edit]

Aggeliki Iliadi and her label Platinum Records chose the song "Hilies Kai Mia Nihtes" (One thousand and one nights), composed by Kiriakos Papadopoulos with lyrics by Elias Filippou.[9][10][11] The song features strong Greek music elements of Byzantine background,[15] and has been described as being similar in style to a slow Tsifteteli.[12] Lyrically, the song describes a great love that ends suddenly, and wanting to relive all the moments "one thousand and one nights" again.[13]

"One Last Kiss"[edit]

Thomai Apergi and her label Panik Records chose the song "One Last Kiss", composed by Giorgos Gekas with lyrics by Aris Nikolakopoulos.[9][10][11] The song features predominate Jazz elements, with English language lyrics.[12]


A national final titled EUROSONG 2013 - a MAD show took place on 18 February 2013 at 9PM CET at the Gazi Music Hall in Athens. Aggeliki Iliadi, Alex Leon feat. Giorgina, Thomai Apergi, and Koza Mostra with Agathonas Iakovidis each sang their chosen song live; the winner was selected via 50% Televoting/SMS Messaging and 50% internal jury.[16] The president of the jury, which included producer Dimitris Kontopoulos, music conductor Andreas Pilarinos, ERT programing executive Marina Lahana, and head of public relations for MAD TV Reggina Kouri, was singer and past Eurovision winner Vicky Leandros.[16] The show was hosted by Despina Vandi and Giorgos Kapoutzidis.[16] Kapoutzidis previously co-hosted the 2006 Greek national final, and also was co-commentator for Greece for the semi-final and final in 2006.[10] The stage direction was done by Fokas Evagelinos,[11] best known for choreographing many past successful Greek Eurovision entries.[citation needed], and the television director was Thanos Gkomozias.

Contrary to previous years, the national final did not feature many international guests by participants from other countries in the Eurovision Song Contest as additional entertainment. Instead, the national final featured many past Eurovision winners performing duets with popular Greek singers, including Dima Bilan with Demy, Elena Paparizou with VEGAS, Alexander Rybak with Kostas Martakis, Marija Serifovic with Melisses, Ruslana with Eleni Foureira, and Vicky Leandros with Elena Paparizou. Additionally, Eleftheria Eleftheriou and Ivi Adamou performed a mashup of their 2012 Eurovision entries together. Cypriot Eurovision participant Despina Olympiou also performed her 2013 Eurovision entry. The national final was broadcast live on television through ET1 in Greece, worldwide on ERT World, RIK in Cyprus, as well as online through the official websites of ERT, the Eurovision Song Contest, and MAD TV's YouTube channel. Additionally, the show was rebroadcast later on Eurovision Channel ERT powered by MAD on OTE TV.[16]

Compared to the previous year, the show was a success receiving both higher viewer ratings and public votes.[17] The show lasted approximately two and a half hours and was the third highest rated show aired on 18 February with 22% viewership according to AGB Hellas;[18] it is estimated that 1.07 million viewers on average watched the show.[17][18] It is also estimated that at least 3.3 million viewers tuned into the show for at least one minute throughout the duration of the show.[17] 58,146 public votes were received, of which 36,881 were via SMS voting and 21,265 via televoting.[17] Koza Mostra & Agathonas Iakovidis were the overall winners, coming first in both the televoting and jury votes.[17][19]

EUROSONG 2013 - a MAD show
Draw Artist Song English translation Lyrics (l) / Music (m) Televoting Jury Total Rank
01 Thomai Apergi "One Last Kiss" - Giorgos Gekas (m), Aris Nikolakopoulos (l) 12.03 11.51 23.54 3
02 Alex Leon feat. Giorgina "Angel" - Alex Leon (m/l), Riskykidd (l) 9.54 15.08 24.61 2
03 Koza Mostra feat. Agathonas Iakovidis "Alcohol Is Free" - Elias Kozas (m), Stathis Pahidis (l) 20.45 16.27 36.72 1
04 Aggeliki Iliadi "Hilies Kai Mia Nihtes" (Χίλιες και Μία Νύχτες) One thousand and one nights Kiriakos Papadopoulos (m), Elias Filippou (l) 7.98 7.14 15.13 4


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