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This article is about the Italian train service. For high-speed trains between London and Brussels / Paris, see Eurostar. For other meanings, see Eurostar (disambiguation).
Frecciabianca passes San Paolo Solbrito in April 2014

Eurostar Italia is a name given to trains linking Rome with Ravenna and Reggio Calabria.

In the past (before June 2012) there were also:

  • Eurostar Alta Velocità Frecciarossa (Turin-Milan-Florence-Rome-Naples), now only Frecciarossa
  • Eurostar Alta Velocità Frecciargento (Rome-Venice, Rome-Reggio Calabria, Rome-Lecce), now only Frecciargento
  • Eurostar City Italia Frecciabianca, now only Frecciabianca
  • Eurostar Italia Business, deleted after opening high-speed line Milan-Rome
  • Eurostar Italia Alta Velocità Fast, now included in Frecciarossa and Frecciargento
  • Eurostar Italia Fast

The name Eurostar is used under license from Iveco, which owns the trademark and used the name for one of their trucks. Despite the identical name, there is no relation between this service and the Eurostar railway service that runs through the Channel Tunnel.

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