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EuroTalk is an educational publisher based in London, known primarily for its interactive language learning software. The company was established in 1991 by the company directors, Richard Howeson and Andrew Ashe.

Language learning[edit]

EuroTalk's language software is available on CD-ROM, DVD-ROM, USB and as a download. The programs are available in 132 languages, including lesser-known languages such as Kinyarwanda, Frisian, Breton and Papiamento. Latest additions to the range include Flemish (Belgian Dutch) and Klingon.

A mobile app version is also available for beginners, called uTalk.

EuroTalk software is distinctive among language self-study programs, in teaching most of the target languages with a choice of 120 help languages, so the programs can be used all over the world.[1]

The company's products are sold worldwide through their website and a network of experienced distributors; 70% of their revenue comes from outside the UK. Their content is also sold under the Instant Immersion brand in the US.

EuroTalk has won The Queen's Award for Innovation.[2]

Junior Language Challenge[edit]

EuroTalk hosts an annual competition for children under 11 across Britain called the Junior Language Challenge. The goal of the competition is to encourage children to start learning languages at a young age. It also raises money for charity, funding educational resources in Malawi.

Primary Education[edit]

EuroTalk is now moving into other areas of primary education, beginning with maths apps for 3-5 and 4-6 year olds. These are available in multiple languages and are unique in that they offer a blend of instruction and practice for young learners.

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