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Eurozine logo.png
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Web address
Commercial? No
Type of site
Online magazine and network
Available in English (French, German)
Owner Eurozine
Created by Eurozine
Editor Carl Henrik Fredriksson
Launched 1998

Eurozine is a network of European cultural magazines based in Vienna, linking up more than 70 partner magazines and institutions from 34 European countries.[1] Eurozine is also a netmagazine which publishes original articles and selected articles from its partner magazines in several languages.

By providing a Europe-wide overview of current themes and discussions, Eurozine aims to offer a source of information for an international readership and to facilitate communication and exchange between authors and intellectuals from Europe and worldwide. Eurozine's editor-in-chief is Carl Henrik Fredriksson.[2]


Eurozine emerged from an informal network dating back to 1983. Since that time, editors of various European cultural magazines have met once a year in European cities to exchange ideas and experiences. These meetings evolved into a virtual network, established in Vienna in 1998. Today, Eurozine hosts the European Meeting of Cultural Journals each year together with one or more of its partners.

The magazines Kritika & Kontext (Bratislava), Mittelweg 36 (Hamburg), Ord&Bild (Göteborg), Revista Crítica de Ciências Sociais (Coimbra), Transit - Europäische Revue (Vienna), and Wespennest (Vienna) are Eurozine's founders.[3]


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