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Listed are current and past tennis chair umpires who hold or have held gold badge International Tennis Federation (ITF) ratings. Gold badge umpires typically officiate Grand Slam, ATP World Tour and WTA Tour matches. The following list shows only those who hold or have held a gold badge as a chair umpire. It does not include those who hold or have held gold badges in refereeing or chief umpiring. Years where included, indicate when the umpire obtained gold badge status.[1]



List of active Men Tennis Umpires:

Brazilian umpire, Carlos Bernardes, at the 2010 Rogers Cup in Toronto.
Eva Asderaki at the 2011 Wimbledon Championships.
Umpire Country Year Notes Reference
Ali Nili Iran
Bob Strachan Australia
Carlos Bernardes Brazil He was one of many umpires during the Olympic games of 2004, 2008 and 2012. [2]
Carlos Ramos Portugal He officiated the Men's Singles Final at the 2012 Olympic Games, as well as the Men's Singles Final at the 4 Grand Slam tournaments. (Umpire Gold Slam)
Cédric Mourier France

He officiated the 2001 French Open Men's Final, the 2006 French Open Men's Final, the 2010 French Open Men's Final, and the 2013 French Open Men's Final.

Damián Steiner Argentina 2005
Damien Dumusois France 2009 [4]
Emmanuel Joseph France
Fergus Murphy Ireland [5]
Gerry Armstrong Great Britain

Assistant Referee of The Championship, Wimbledon

Gianluca Moscarella Italy 2010 [7]
Jake Garner USA Gold Badge Chair Umpire

He officiated the 2007, 2009, 2012 US Open Men's Final and the 2013 US Open Men's Final.

James Keothavong Great Britain 2010 He officiated the 2014 Wimbledon Men's Final [9]
John Blom Australia
Kader Nouni France He officiated the 2014 and 2013 French Open Women's Singles Final
Mohamed El Jennati Morocco
Mohamed Lahyani Sweden

He officiated the two longest matches in Wimbledon history:
the Isner–Mahut match at the 2010 edition, the longest match ever played on a professional tour, and the 2012 third round match between Marin Čilić and Sam Querrey.

Pascal Maria France

He officiated the 2008 Wimbledon Championships Men's Final,
the 2009 Australian Open Men's Final,
the 2012 Australian Open Men's Final, and the 2014 French Open Men's Final.

Roland Herfel Germany
Felix Torralba Spain

He officiated the 2014 Wimbledon quarterfinal between Petra Kvitová and Barbora Záhlavová-Strýcová


List of active Women Tennis Umpires:

Umpire Country Year Notes Reference
Alison Hughes (former Lang) Great Britain [13]
Eva Asderaki Greece [14]
Juan Zhang China
Louise Engzell Sweden
Mariana Alves Portugal [15]
Marija Čičak Croatia [16]


List of former Tennis Umpires:

Umpire Country Year Notes Reference
Andreas Egli Switzerland Supervisor of Australian Open, Roland Garros, The Championship Wimbledon, US Open
Anne Lasserre Ullrich France First French woman to chair men's matches at Grand Slams.
Bertie Bowron Great Britain [17]
Bruno Rebeuh France Umpired the French Open final in countless opportunities. [18]
Cecil Hollins USA [19]
Christina Olaussen Denmark
David Littlefield USA [20]
Enrique Molina Spain
Denis Overberg Australia
Donna Kelso Australia
Edward James Great Britain [21]
Fabián Cherny Argentina Only South-American Chair Umpire at the 1996 Olympic event in Atlanta, USA. Worked in the Australia, USA and French Grand Slams and in several Davis Cup ties. [22]
Fiona Edwards Great Britain
Frank Hammond USA [23]
Freddie Sore Great Britain He was the longest-serving umpire at Wimbledon; over 40 years. [24][25]
Georgina Clark Great Britain First female umpire to officiate a Grand Slam final (Wimbledon 1984).
Gil de Kermadec France [17]
Jane Harvey Great Britain Umpired 5 Wimbledon singles finals, 4 Olympic Gold medal finals, and first female to umpire a World Group Davis Cup. Over 10 years as a full-time official.
Javier Moreno Spain
Jeremy Shales Great Britain [26]
John Frame Great Britain Umpired 7 Wimbledon Finals, including 3 Mens Singles.
John Parry Great Britain [27]
Jorge Dias Portugal First of three top Portuguese officials, opened the path to two current top officials, Carlos Ramos and Carlos Sanchez.
Kerrilyn Cramer Australia [28]
Lars Graff Sweden While umpiring in the 2003 Wimbledon match, Greg Rusedski was fined £1500 for an obscene outburst. [29][30]
Laura Ceccarelli Italy
Leanne White Australia
Lynn Welch USA [31]
Mike Morrissey Great Britain Umpired Wimbledon´s final.
Norbert Peick Germany
Norm Chryst USA [32]
Richard Ings Australia [33]
Romano Grillotti Italy [34]
Sandra de Jenken France [35]
Steve Ullrich USA Probably the tennis umpire with the best record of precise overrules.[citation needed]
Ted Watts Great Britain
Wayne McKewen Australia Referee of Australian Open

ATP Tour officials[edit]

The original 8 full-time world officials for the (then new) 1990 ATP Tour

  • Dana Loconto (USA)
  • Gerry Armstrong (Great Britain)
  • Paulo Pereira (Brazil)
  • Pedro Bravo (Chile)
  • Richard Ings (Australia)
  • Richard Kaufman (USA)
  • Rudy Berger (Germany)
  • Steve Ulrich (USA)


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