Eva Fonda

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Eva Fonda
Genre Romance, Drama, Suspense
Directed by Jon Red
Frasco Mortiz
Starring Cristine Reyes
as Eva Fonda
Theme music composer Didith Reyes
Opening theme "Bakit Ako Mahihiya?" by Jessa Zaragoza
Country of origin Philippines
Original language(s) Tagalog, English, Japanese
No. of episodes 50
Running time 30-45 minutes
Original channel ABS-CBN (Philippines)
Original run December 1, 2008 (2008-12-01) – February 6, 2009 (2009-02-06)

Eva Fonda is a Filipino drama show on ABS-CBN that aired on December 1, 2008 and ended on February 6, 2009. Eva Fonda is a remake of a 1976 film of the same name starring Alma Moreno.[1]

Plot summary[edit]

In a small fishing village, there lives a barrio girl with a beauty that often brings her so much misfortune in the beginning. Eva (Cristine Reyes) comes from a poor but loving family. After losing their father at an early age, she and her mother Edeng (Sylvia Sanchez) have been working hard to make ends meet. This is no easy task for Eva who also dreams of finishing school and someday settling down with the love of her life, Joel (Jason Abalos).

Life for Eva is simple, however, her beauty and innocent sensuality seems to always complicate everything, more importantly her sweet and pure relationship with Joel. In their barrio alone, men drool over her and desire her immensely, often causing trouble to their family and friends. Fortunately, her loyal friend – Daldit (Hazel Ann Mendoza) is always there to defend her, almost in the same passion that Joel does. However, her simple life takes a wild turn when Val (Baron Geisler), the town’s rich kid, returns from Manila and shatters her dreams by stealing her virginity - through rape. Consequently, Eva’s romance with Joel is shattered too and her family gets pushed to the limit.

She exerts effort to claim justice, only to commit a crime by accidentally stabbing her rapist’s father, Don Ismael (Mark Gil). She is sent to jail while her sister dies from a freak accident. But her misfortune doesn't stop there... in fact, this is just the beginning. Soon, she escapes from jail and boards a bus to escape from town until she finds herself in Manila where she'll rebuild her life and find means to finally get justice and reclaim the simple life she once had. And while in Manila, Eva finds herself a job as a model after saving the life of a manager of a beauty agency in the name of "Tita Patty" (Rustom Padilla/Bebe Gandanghari) from her assailant.

Unfortunately, Val eventually arrives in Manila, vowing that he won't stop until he captures Eva, whatever the cost. However, he is sent to jail again after committing murder. Before this,he has managed to rape Eva again, and this caused Eva to have an unwanted pregnancy. Then one night, Eva appears on a fashion show and accidentally falls off the catwalk after which she is rushed to the hospital. However, the doctors are unable to save her child.

After the incident, Eva's job progresses, and soon she is appearing in magazines. Then weeks later, Tita Patty tells her that a Japanese company has accepted them. Eva and Tita Patty take a flight to Japan where they meet Mr. Toshiro Fonda (Lito Legaspi), the head of the company. Meanwhile, Eva's mother has recovered and sometime later, they get the time to talk to each other. But while in Japan, Eva is unaware that Toshiro plans to marry her. In addition, she has been impersonated by a woman in making a scandal, which would've destroyed her career in the process. Eva and Tita Patty are shocked when they see the video. They tell Toshiro they were unaware of this, and tell him that Eva isn't the woman in the video. The kind Toshiro believes Eva and they soon marry, but a week after that, he dies due to heart complication caused by his envious nephew Kenji (Ya Chang).

Some time later, Eva returns to the Philippines, only to be preyed upon by Val once again. Joel and Osang (Princess Ryan) have been captured by Val and become prisoners in a dilapidated building. Eva receives a mysterious call from Val, telling her that Joel and Osang are held prisoner and that he will burn them soon if she won't follow him. Hence, Eva is the only hope left for Joel and Osang. She then leaves their residence, which makes both Eva and Joel's parents worried. Then at the meeting place, Eva is taken captive by Val. Val then puts gasoline on Joel and Osang and threatens Eva to come with him and leave Joel behind by lighting a fire from his lighter while laughing maniacally. Suddenly, Osang breaks free and frees Joel, and now she tries to get the lighter away from Val. But Val also has a hand grenade with him, then accidentally, the lighter falls down along the trail of gasoline. There is no time to waste. Eva, Joel and Osang then make a break for escape, but Osang gets shot by Val along the way yet she is able to sacrifice herself by stopping Val from capturing Eva and Joel. The hand grenade explodes, and Osang and Val are killed inside the burning building. Eva and Joel manage to escape, then mourn for the loss of Osang while the building is being swallowed by the flames. The show ends when Eva and Joel finally are together again along with Joel and Osang's daughter and their own son. Before the credits roll, Eva leaves a message to all viewers of the show, especially for women.

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