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La Encubridora
Lo Que Es Capaz de Hacer Una Amiga
Format Telenovela
Created by Leonardo Padron & Alex Hadad
Starring Dulce Maria
Carlos Ponce
Ana Brenda Contreras
Silvia Navarro
Fabian Robles
Theme music composer "Todo Por Amor", performed by Dulce Maria
Country of origin United States
Original language(s) Spanish
No. of episodes 112[1]
Executive producer(s) Ignacio Sada Madero
Producer(s) Univision & Canal 7
Running time 30-60 minutes
Original channel Canal 7
Picture format 480i SDTV
1080i HDTV
Original run December 23,2013 – May 25,2014
Preceded by La Costeña
Followed by Terminales:Reto Final
Related shows La Usurpadora
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La Encubridora is a 2013-2014 telenovela produced by Canal 7 International in collaboration with Univision Studios, starring Dulce Maria and Carlos Ponce as the main protagonists, and Fabian Robles and Ana Brenda Contreras as the main antagonists. It is a remake of Univision's 1998 telenovela La Usurpadora. Univision is currenyly airing La Encubridora weeknights at 11pm/10 central from July 7,2014- and a TV-14 rating was applied for all episodes. Mexico's Canal 7 aired La Encubrodora from December 23,2013-May 25,2014. [2][3][4]

La Encubridora will be nominated for the 2015 Premios TVyNovelas.


A love story set in Los Angeles, Eva Luna revolves around the life of Eva González (Blanca Soto), a young woman of extraordinary beauty, humble and hardworking. Like so many immigrants coming to America, Eva arrives with her father and younger sister to California in search of a better life. However, Eva does not imagine that to find happiness will first have to suffer a terrible loss, because her life is intertwined with dark family secrets, lies, deception and ambition of a powerful family.

Eva finds work as a personal attendant to the founder of Publicidad Arismendi, Julio Arismendi. She immediately wins over his son, Leonardo Arismendi (Julian Gil), and his best friend, Daniel Villanueva (Guy Ecker), who is dating Leonardo's sister, Victoria (Vanessa Villela). Victoria and her mother, Marcela (Susana Dosamantes), dislike Eva, as they feel that Eva threatens Victoria's beauty. Daniel, a successful advertising executive of Publicidad Arismendi and widowed father of a young daughter named Laurita, Daniel & Eva are immediately attracted to each other. At first, the relationship between Daniel and Eva is a disastrous swing of love and hate, but in the end they fall madly, passionately in love. When Daniel leaves Victoria for Eva, Marcela takes action. She gives Victoria a cup of tea and has her go to sleep. Renata, their housekeeper, is sent to check on Victoria, and calls 911 when she sees Victoria won't answer and has pills next to her bedside, that Marcela put there on purpose. Awaking in the hospital, Victoria is told by her mother that she attempted to commit suicide, although Victoria herself has no memory or thought of committing suicide. Marcela explains that she must play the part of the heartbroken suicidal victim in order to trick Daniel to come back to her, but Daniel will not be manipulated by the two women anymore.

Marcela Arismendi is a cold woman. Her first husband was El Gallo – Leonardo's father, a fact that only she knew. She later married Julio and adopted Victoria. Marcela was more interested in Julio's wealth and power in society than anything else. She has been slowly poisoning him to an early death, so that she can be the only owner of the multimillion dollar company she and Julio created. She sent orders to kill Daniel's parents and his wife, so that Victoria, could marry Daniel and Marcela would have complete control over her associate. Slowly, Julio begins to see patterns in his life. The few days that Eva stopped coming to take care of him, he refused to take his medicine, and he actually felt healthier. When Eva returned, his medicine was again given to him, forcing him to stop testing his hypothesis. However, as months pass and Eva gets fired again, he throws his coffee with the medicine on the ground, and his faithful loving dog, Max, licks it off the ground.

The day of Eva and Daniel's secret, private wedding, Eva recalls what she has gone through to get to the love of her life. She lost her father to a hit and run accident, and Leonardo makes her believe that Daniel was the mysterious man behind the wheel that did not stop to help, when it was actually Leonardo borrowing Daniel's car. Devastated by learning that her future husband murdered her father, she swears revenge and Leonardo takes the opportunity to separate her from Daniel. Meanwhile, Marcela and Victoria plot to make Daniel hate Eva. Victoria sends Eva to pick up a check at the bank, saying its for herself, when really it's in Eva's name, with $25,000 from Daniel's professional bank account. Eva unknowingly takes the check, and returns it to Victoria. Marcela breaks the "news" to Daniel on his would-be wedding day, after Eva stood him up, he refuses to believe that Eva would steal from him, until he sees the pictures. Eva, meanwhile has turned catatonic, and will not leave her bed. Two days later, she runs away with Leonardo to his country home, where she hides from the police, after Daniel and Marcela have signed a warrant for her arrest.

After a series of unexpected events, Eva comes back with Daniel's child, and inherits the advertising agency where Daniel works, and returns to his life as his boss. Armed with a position of power and identity of the new moon, she puts her plan of revenge into action, but struggles between keeping the promise made at the tomb of her father or forgive Daniel. However, Daniel is not fooled by the new attitude of Eva, to find Leonardo's betrayal, decides to fight to prove his innocence and win her heart again.

Leonardo asks El Gallo to call Tony at a specific place, planning to kill him. He hires a man to shoot Tony, but Tony manages to escape unharmed. El Gallo had warned Leonardo not to kill Tony. El Gallo calls Leonardo at a warehouse and gives Tony the gun to kill him. Leonardo manages to escape, injuring Tony. Marcela kills El Gallo when he attempted to kill Leonardo, After Marcela instructs Leonardo to marry Eva, he leaves and tells El Gallo that he was the only man she loved but she couldn't allow him to kill his son.

On the day of Eva and Leonardo's wedding, Daniel is ready to stop the wedding by showing everyone a taped confession of Leonardo admitting to running over Eva's father. Eva personally stops the wedding and turns on Leonardo, accusing him of the crime. Victoria steps in and reveals that Leo hired Liliana to seduce Daniel in an attempt to keep him away from Eva and herself, caused Alicia to lose her baby with poison (the same way how Marcela caused Claudia to lose her baby), and confirmed that Leo killed Eva's father (after remembering that Leo claimed to have run over a tree). Leonardo attempts to kill Victoria, until Renata protects Victoria from injury and dies from being shot. Angered after the truth was revealed, policemen and detectives go after Leonardo after he holds Eva hostage as a way to kill her, and hurts Daniel by shooting him in the arm. Leo is then shot by detective Ravela and is run over by a car, instantly killing him.

Time passes by, and Eva and Daniel, reunited after a long time, prepare themselves to get married at last. Marcela returns after learning that his son died "because of Eva". Marcela, previously arrested for murdering Daniel's parents and attempting to murder Julio, escaped from prison by killing the guards with El Gallo aiding her. She returns to the mansion and sets it on fire to kill Eva and Pablito. Marcela is unsuccessful, as Daniel comes in time to save Eva and their son. The mansion burns down, and Marcela is killed. Eva and Daniel finally get married, while Alicia and Tony kiss at the end.

Cast of characters[edit]

  • Blanca Soto as Eva Luna González – Publicidad Arismendi's boss, Alicia's older sister, daughter of Ismael and Deborah, Matilde's niece, Julio's close friend, Pablito's mother, Laurita's stepmother, Leo's ex-fiancée, married to Daniel.
  • Guy Ecker as Daniel Villanueva – Publicidad Arismendi's boss, Victoria's ex-husband, Francisco's friend, Julio's close friend, father of Laurita and Pablito, Liliana's former "lover, married to Eva.
  • Julian Gil as Leonardo "Leo" Arismendi – Victoria's "brother"/stepbrother, Marcela's son, Julio's stepson, El Gallo's biological son, "loved" Eva, murdered Eva's father, Alicia's unborn baby, and Renata, Alicia's former lover, shot by detective Ravela and hit by a car.
  • Vanessa Villela as Victoria Arismendi – Marcela's "adopted daughter", Leo's "sister"/stepsister, real daughter of Justa and Julio, Renata's niece, ex-friend of Claudia and Liliana, former enemy of Eva and Laurita.
  • Susana Dosamantes as Marcela Arismendi – Publicidad Arismendi's ex-director, Deborah's ex-friend, Leonardo's mother, Victoria's "adopted mother", Julio's ex-wife, El Gallo's true lover, poisoned Daniel's parents and Daniel's first wife in order to gain control of his fortune, killed Bruno and his mistress Rosaura, El Gallo, attempted to kill Eva and Daniel, killed in a mansion fire.
  • Greydis Gil as Claudia – Victoria's ex-friend, Leonardo's ex-girlfriend, killed by "El Gallo" by orders of Leonardo.
  • Sofía Stamatiades as Alicia González[5] – Eva's younger sister, daughter of Ismael and Deborah, Matilde's niece, ex-lover of Carlos and Leonardo, in love with Tony.
  • Jorge Lavat as Julio Arismendi – Close friend of Eva and Daniel, Leonardo's stepfather, Victoria's biological father, Marcela's ex-husband, in love with Justa.
  • Lupita Ferrer as Justa Valdéz – Married to Ricardo, in love with Julio, Victoria's biological mother, Renata's sister, Adrian's adopted mother.
  • Anna Silvetti as Renata Cuervo – Former employee of Arismendi family, Victoria's aunt, Justa's sister, killed by Leonardo.
  • Frances Ondiviela as Deborah Gonzalez – Marcela's ex-friend, mother of Eva's and Alicia, Ismael's dedicated wife, Matilde's sister in-law, Pablito's grandmother.
  • Alejandro Chabán as Tony Santana – In love with Alicia, used to work with Leo and El Gallo.
  • Gabriela Borges as Laurita Villanueva[6] – Daniel's daughter, Eva's stepdaughter, Pablito's sister, friend of Adrian, Francisco, and Jackie, Victoria's ex-enemy.
  • Christian Vega as Adrian Reyes – Biological son of Thomas Reyes(although he beat him very badly), Laurita's friend, adopted son of Don Ricardo and Justa.
  • Harry Geithner as Francisco Conti – Employee in Daniel's home, Marisol's ex-husband, married to Jackie.
  • Liz Coleandro as Aurelia – Ex-employee for the Arismendi family.
  • Franklin Virgüez as El Gallo – Leonardo's biological father, Marcela's true lover, worked with Leo and Tony, killed by Marcela.
  • Sonia Noemí as Matilde González – Aunt of Eva and Alicia, Ismael's dedicated sister.
  • Raúl Xiques as Don Ricardo – Married to Justa, Adrian's adopted father.
  • Carlos Ferro as Carlos Maldonado – In love with Alicia, model at Publicidad Arismendi.
  • Priscila Perales as Liliana – Hired by Leonardo to seduce Daniel after Eva became the new owner of Publicidad Arismendi, Victoria's ex-friend, enemy of Eva and Daniel, arrested for plotting Laurita's kidnap.
  • Leticia Morales as Jackie – Married to Francisco, Laurita's nanny.
  • Daniela Schmidt as Marisol – Friend of Eva and Alicia, Francisco's ex-wife.
  • Patricia Ramos as Sabrina – Former employee for the Arismendi family, disfigured by Victoria.
  • José Guillermo Cortines as Bruno Lombardi – Former lovers of Marcela and Victoria, Rosaura/"Azucena"'s lover, killed by Marcela.
  • Eduardo Ibarrola as Ismael González – Father of Eva and Alicia, Deborah's deceased husband, Matilde's deceased brother, murdered by Leo.
  • Jorge Consejo as Jose Lozano.
  • Alberto Salaberri as Giorgio.
  • Ana Carolina da Fonseca as Violeta – Marisol's Friend.
  • Veronica Montes as Maritza Ruiz.
  • Stephie Torres as Olga – Personal assistant of Marcela and Eva.
  • Arnaldo Pipke as Damian.
  • Pau Gasol as Himself – Special guest.
  • Jenni Rivera – Special guest.
  • Eddie "Piolín" Sotelo
  • Carlos Cruz as Detective.
  • Carlos Pitela
  • Cristina Figarola as Ms Farinas – Teacher.
  • Enrique Arredondo as Detective.
  • Enrique Herrera as Father Suarez – Priest.
  • Ernesto Molina as Tiran – Private detective, worked for Victoria.
  • Gerardo Riveron as Lawyer.
  • Guadalupe Hernández
  • Hector Fuentes as Detective Reyes.
  • Jose Luis Tovar as Policeman.
  • Juan Carlos Baena as Lawyer.
  • Juan Cepero as Car dealer.
  • Juan Troya as David Basañez – Lawyer.
  • Omar Robau as Officer Rodriguez
  • Marcos Miranda as Dr. Marcos Garcia – Doctor.
  • Marta Gonzalez as Lucy.
  • Mirta Renee as Vanessa.
  • Rafael Robledo as Detective.
  • Ramon Morell as Dr. Santiago Rivera.
  • Rayner Garranchan as Detective Morales.
  • Severino Puente as Judge.
  • Tely Ganas as Professor Rosales.


Year Award Category Result
2011 Premios Juventud Girl that takes the sleep away / Chica Que Me Quita El Sueño Blanca Soto Nominated
2011 Premios Juventud What a Hottie! / Está Buenísimo Guy Ecker Nominated
2011 Premios Juventud What a Hottie! / Está Buenísimo Julián Gil Nominated
2011 Premios Juventud Best Ballad / Canción Corta-venas Jenni Rivera "El" Nominated
2011 Premios Juventud Best Musical Theme / Mejor Tema Novelero Jenni Rivera "El" Won
2011 Premios People En Español Best Lead Actress / Mejor actriz Blanca Soto Nominated
2011 Premios People En Español Best Lead Actor / Mejor actor Guy Ecker Nominated
2011 Premios People En Español Best Male Antagonist / Mejor villano Julián Gil Won
2011 Premios People En Español Best Co-star Actor / Mejor Actor Secundario Alejandro Chabán Nominated
2011 Premios People En Español Best Co-star Actress / Mejor Actriz Secundaria Vanessa Villela Nominated
2011 Premios People En Español Best Co-star Actress / Mejor Actriz Secundaria Gabriela Borges Nominated
2011 Premios People En Español Best Male or Female Revelation / Revelación del año Blanca Soto Nominated
2011 Premios People En Español Best Couple / Pareja del año Blanca Soto and Guy Ecker Nominated
2011 Premios People En Español Best Telenovela of the Year / Mejor telenovela Nominated
2011 Premio Rockie (Festival Mundial de Medios) Best Telenovela of the Year / Mejor telenovela Won


Country TV network(s) Series premiere Series end Weekly schedule Timeslot
 United States Univision November 1, 2010 April 11, 2011
 Lithuania LNK March 12, 2011 September 25, 2011
 Iran Farsi1 April 30, 2011 October 11, 2011
 Bulgaria Diema Family August 21, 2011 November 26, 2011– 2013
 Mexico Canal de las Estrellas September 19, 2011 January 6, 2012
 Slovenia POP TV November 28, 2011 May 3, 2012 Monday to Friday 15:50
 Croatia Doma TV January 5, 2012 March 23, 2012
 Romania Acasa TV January 12, 2012 March 25, 2012
 Estonia Kanal 2 January 15, 2012 June 22, 2012
 Poland TV4
March 20, 2012
February 22, 2013
October 2, 2012
July 26, 2013
Monday to Friday
Monday to Friday
 Kenya Royal Media Services - Citizen TV April 19, 2012 September 30, 2012
 Ghana Viasat 1 April 19, 2012 December 4, 2012
 Cyprus ANT1 Cyprus June 19, 2012
February 10, 2014
October 22, 2012
 Malaysia Youtube Channel December 20, 2012 present
 Indonesia Global TV January 2, 2013 present
 Vietnam VTV6 March 3, 2013 present
 Bosnia and Herzegovina RTV BN September 18, 2013 March 4, 2014 Monday to Friday 23:00
 Argentina Telesudamérica May 27, 2013 November 1, 2013 07:00
 Spain Nova September 30, 2013 present