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Evan Frederic Morgan, 2nd Viscount Tredegar (July 13, 1893 – April 27, 1949) was a Welsh poet and author. The only son of Courtenay Morgan, 1st Viscount Tredegar, of Tredegar Park, Monmouthshire, and Lady Katharine Carnegie, he was a chamberlain to Popes Benedict XV and Pius XI yet, as an accomplished occultist, was hailed by Aleister Crowley as "Adept of Adepts".[citation needed]

Morgan came from what the Duke of Bedford described as "the oddest family I have ever met"; his mother is rumoured to have built bird nests big enough to sit in; in 1925 his sister, Gwyneth Ericka Morgan, was found dead aged 29 in the River Thames, while his father owned one of the largest yachts in the world.

A noted eccentric, he kept at his seat of Tredegar House in Newport a menagerie of animals including a boxing kangaroo, honey bear, baboon and macaw. His weekend house parties, which attracted such figures as Aldous Huxley, H. G. Wells, Augustus John and Aleister Crowley, gained local notoriety, as did the host's extravagant lifestyle.

Morgan succeeded to the titles of 4th Baron, 2nd Viscount Tredegar in May 1934 on the death of his father.

Despite his known homosexuality and reputation for dissipation, he married twice.[1] His wives were:

  • Hon. Lois Sturt (1900–1937), an actress and daughter of Napier Sturt, 2nd Baron Alington; they married in 1928.
  • Princess Olga Sergievna Dolgorouky (1915–1998); they married in 1939 in Singapore and the marriage was annulled in 1943.

A review of Evan Morgan's life and times, with a transcript of his Court Martial for offences against the Official Secrets Acts in 1943 is in the book " Aspects of Evan : The Last Viscount Tredegar", from Monty Dart and William Cross, authors of " A Beautiful Nuisance : The Life and Death of the Hon. Gwyneth Ericka Morgan, a book which has many references to Evan as well as revealing the full story about Evan's only sibling, Gwyneth.

Evan Morgan is also the subject of the book "Not Behind Lace Curtains : The Hidden World of Evan, Viscount Tredegar", from William Cross, FSA Scot.[2] This book explores Evan's homosexuality, his dabbles in the occult and with the Black Masses.


  • Fragments
  • At Dawn
  • The Eel
  • The City of Canals

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Peerage of the United Kingdom
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