Evangelical Presbyterian Church in England and Wales

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The Evangelical Presbyterian Church in England and Wales (EPCEW) is a reformed and conservative evangelical denomination in England and Wales.


In 1986 the first London presbyterian Conference was held in a Free Church of Scotland congregation. A vision of a new Presbyterian denomination was presented in England which is faithful to the Scripture, and adheres to the Westminster Confession. As a result of this the Presbyterian association in England was formed in 1987 with several small Christian groups and existing churches. Church planting efforts was made. In 1991 the interim Presbytery was formed with congregations in Blackburn, Cambridge, Chelmsford, Durham and Hull. In 1996 a full working Presbytery was formed, taking the current name of the new denomination.[1] In 2000 2 churches in Cardiff joined and making the Evangelical Presbyterian Church in England and Wales.[2][3]

International organisations[edit]

Along with the Free Church of Scotland and the Free Church of Scotland (Continuing), the denomination is one of the three members of the International Conference of Reformed Churches from Great Britain.[4] The EPCEW is one of seven European Churches (all members of the ICRC) that founded the European Conference of Reformed Churches.[5]


As of 2012, the Evangelical Presbyterian Church had fifteen congregations at:[6]

The Swedish Church was welcomed as a member of the EPCEW in 2009.

The denomination publishes The Presbyterian Network in Spring and Autumn each year. This publication contains theological and pastoral articles and news of the congregations.

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