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Evangelical Press (also known as 'EP Books') is a small Christian not-for-profit publisher of books, including two commentary series and a range of non-fiction aimed at the ordinary reader. It is based in Darlington in the United Kingdom and has distribution facilities in Grand Rapids, USA, with employees also in Africa, France and Belarus. It serves a reformed conservative evangelical constituency. Sales of books are intended to fund mission activities where overflow permits; books are supplied almost at cost for mission purposes.[citation needed]

Their best-known title is the booklet Ultimate Questions by John Blanchard. This has now printed in excess of sixteen million copies[citation needed] and is translated into over fifty languages, and is also online.


EP was founded by a Memorandum and Articles of Association incorporated 12th October 1967.[1]


EP has published and distributed several thousand titles from hundreds of authors. Subjects include Bible commentaries, devotionals, biographies, classics, music, and family books.

It also acts as a distributor for other presses: Bryntirion Press, Christian Hymns, ET Perspectives, Grace Publications, Praise Hymns.

EP has hosted pastors' conferences in Belarus, Russia, Romania and across Africa. It also produces correspondence courses and radio programmes (in French).

Most books are in English, but some are available also in French, Spanish, Russian, and other languages.

Evangelical Times[edit]

Evangelical Press publishes Evangelical Times. This is a monthly newspaper which was established in 1967.


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